Doorman Story – Build a hotel empire

[Game] Doorman Story – Hotel team tycoon, time management

Doorman Story  Doorman Story is your chance to test your management skills and build a hotel empire.

Go all the way from a small roadside motel, where travelers stay overnight, to a luxury hyper hotel where even stars dream of spending their vacation.

If you are enjoying hotel simulator games, Doorman Story Resort Simulation is a perfect choice. Let your inner hotel manager shine! Manage your staff, respond to customer requests and have time to fulfill their whims to pass the levels. Make their stay in this idle hotel special by all means.

Improve the hotel! Book your equipment and upgrade your rooms to keep your customers happy. The better the apartment, the more money you get from your guests. Earn enough to become a respected resort tycoon.

Hotel management is not that easy! Use impressive boosters to deal with hard episodes faster and easier. Communicate with employees, customers and visitors, explore every corner of your hotel hideaway in one of the greatest simulation games! It’s up to you if you want to stay at the manager level or grow to become a real hotel and cafe tycoon.

Doorman Story is one of the most exciting and challenging hotel games for kids, teens and adults! Join our online hotel blast where your goal is to construct and develop a great five star resort. Start building from zero and bring your hotel closer to the first class standards.

If you are a fan of hotel design games, time-management games or hotel games with levels, Doorman Story is for you! This mobile game helps you to develop management skills along with creative and even the engineering side of yours.

Doorman Story is a virtual world where you can make your dreams come true. Are you ready for a luxury hotel atmosphere and a lifestyle of a tycoon? Games offline and online are there for you to try it out.

Enjoy one of the best hotel renovation games today! A little motel with soda and sandwiches? Or a grand hotel with high cuisine? It’s up to you how this story ends. It’s time to play to find out.

Doorman Story user reviews :

Fun game but economy stalls out due to lack of gems. To get gems pay ca$h, or watch a video… the video is once every 4 hours and you get 2 gems. Gems are needed for upgrades as well as to retry a level (10 gems for 1 retry, so watch a video every 4 hours and 20 hours later you can try again once). Other than the horrible imbalance in the gem economy, the rest of the game is entertaining.

The game is great. Very creative and well balanced. You can play this game for free with minimal advertisements which is amazing, so I gave $$ to show my appreciation. Every once in a while (such as early in Arabian nights), the game seems off balance, but overall with a little patience you can accrue the necessary money or gems to play forward. Look forward to the developers adding to this game.

It’s funny how your ads show perfectly, game runs perfectly until I want to double my profit, then it mysteriously crashes every-single-time! Game is fun, not exactly the game I thought I would be playing, never the less its fun. Seeing all the reviews about money being taken, and too many glitches and crashes, I have a feeling I won’t be playing this game too much longer. I don’t want to get rid of this game but I will unless these issues are resolved.

Everything about the game is just great ! Very involving and interactive. The gameplay is smooth and fun, the animations are cute and the music is a treat to the ears. I personally liked how we can pay to buy stuff if we want to and incase we don’t want to/can’t pay there’s always a way to get those stuff. It only requires a little more time and patience. Waiting for the new hotels to be updated as I’m through with the current ones. Good job.

Game is fun for someone that likes to multi-task. Which is why I like it! Its easy to earn coins and diamonds. I like that you can choose to watch a 30sec ad for gems instead of being forced to purchase. The game just needs more hotels so I can continue playing. I already finished them all.
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