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[Game] Doran Land Origin

Doran Land Origin  Doran Land is a medieval fantasy 3D MMORPG mobile game, it is an era filled with magical force, where demons and heroes.

Gameplay Features

Fashionable Costume
The game offers a wide variety of weapons, fashion, wings, and mounts, over thousands of choices ensuring you a unique gameplay experience!

Real-time PvP
Brawl PvP battles, Single player PvPs, Cross server 3V3s, multiplayer fights, Guild battles, territorial battles, 10V10 fiend battle and more real-time PVP gameplay, anywhere, anytime.

The Stunning Visual
Doran Land has adopted various of top-quality graphics, creating imposing thus immersive skill effects & characters.

Free Diamond Rewards
Growth Funds, Diamond Rewards, free VIP, as well as Divine Pet waiting for players to get!

Offline auto-combat
Unique auto-combat system design support offline auto-combat will help you to upgrade and kill bosses when you are offline, It help you can handle both work and play.

Find your soul mate
Always has the dream of conducting a wedding of a century? Or jealous of other people getting married, and wanna stir up some troubles on others wedding? We have various wedding-related
wedding events to create more fun!

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Doran Land Origin user reviews :

Awesome fun but, graphics could be way better more real looking i mean, the armor is dull. Ive seen trash cans shinyer, shiny would be way better the game does move wicked fast almost hard to know where you are or what your doing and although you get alot of gold theres hardly anything you can buy with it, it gives some diamonds again not much to buy with them. and rubys is everything in this game from vip to exclusive items so theres alot of real money to be spent here. Room for inhancement.

I will change my rating once the game is fully working. Has potential. For right now.. there really isn’t any gaming going on in there and a ton of bugs and I can’t seem to find any other way to let devs or you know.

WoW i mean wow about this game, graphics looms great game play too, amazing mmorpg on android plus doesn’t drains battery or heating the phone processor, loading quick what gamer wants most. There is some places for improvement like skill tree or something that i could choose what to use or keep the same ones but able to uprgrade them to minimise cool down time.. Would recommend to any1 give try to run this game.

I like this game there’s a ton of stuff to do and has great graphics. The battle mechanics and boss fights are awesome. You grow and gain power quick

It is good and all only thing is the grapics and the frames sometimes they will be good yet some times they would end up being bad but over all other than that its good

Very intense and great graphics! Only if it will slow down a bit….

Really fun game could be a little easier to understand but all in all amazing game

OMG THIS GAME Supposed to be for American and European players, but this game have only English language, You guys didn’t know only fews speak English in European countries?? And In america they speaks more Spanish and Portuguese than English, come on put the settings language in your game guys, and it is another play to win , I was try to change my nickname in game And I can’t, everything we need to pay ruby’s , only events to spenders , rubbish don’t waste your time playing.

It’s the same game as the last one. Land of Doran. It WAS a fun game, then you started buying stuff, and it all disappeared. Don’t waste your time on another version of the same lame game.

Early on a mission keeps bugging. Not able to find the NPC

The game looks beautiful I think it has good gameplay but I wouldn’t know because it’s auto play all you got to do is just turn it on and watch it it’s more like TV show

I would have gave this game a 5 but it keep freezing and I have to restart the game please fix this

Great game. Fun and no need to purchase, if ur not competitive!

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