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[App] DotHabit – Management of habits, goals, routine

DotHabit  A good life comes through a good habit.

If you become a good person every day with good habits,
you will gain a good life.
Let’s start a good habit from DotHabit!

Features of DotHabit

Continuing Self can be visible with dots

DotHabit fills the dots as you achieve your habits.
By doing this, you can have a sense of achievement at a glance and encouraged to continue.

Add records and feel the results

It is hard to notice one’s change. Because it is difficult to compare with oneself.
However, if you can compare it with yourself in the past, you will be able to notice your growth.
In DotHabit, you can have a record of your habits in writing.


We will wait for the opinions and requests of users.
We accept from within the application.
We will surely go through a received voice.
Thank you!

DotHabit user reviews :

Do you know what a special about this app? That is the DOTs first interface. I’m depressed person, just simple knowing my progress right after I open it, makes me feel my achievements. And it maintain my self-efficacy to build the habit. Thanks for the app!

For my requirement it is suitable, i need to keep a track what i do with different followup and details, i found it is easy and simple…easy to use

Fab habit tracking app with the ability to type in exactly what you did instead of just marking it off.

About the app – easy to use, very good reminders, no disturbing ads around. My experience – I started it slow, with 2 activities and will add a new one at 3 weeks distance. It gets the job done. My advice First – The ideea of a habit is to make it a habit in the first place and after to go for the entire objective. Second – The mind takes statistically around 21 days to stick to one habit. Third – You can’t change your life in one day, but you need to start with at least one thing to change.

Grateful for this app as it really helped me to get started on some new habits. So much so, that I crossed the 60 day mark for 2 of them. However, it’s not all good news because the app started lagging badly after 2 months worth of entries. Opening, closing and typing became incredibly slow. I persisted anyway until today where I can’t open the app at all. Likely due to the Sept 6 update. “Unfortunately, DH has stopped” EDIT: Recent update fixed it. Still lag issues but thank you! Score updated

Love the app but I think this has something more to offer. I think it would be best to provide comments as well for those dates that I miss. tha way, if I could look back and see what I did wrong so that I can correct my actions in that particular habit. sometimes, the bad has to be reviewed, not just the good ones. because it seems like everytime you logged, you’ll logged only the good parts. theres less to say in good than the bad.

Nice and easy to set up! Visually clean, not cluttered. Needs a backup pdf or Excel or something for export to my own Dropbox etc. …. App works great, but on my “pretty please” wishlist I would request, weekly, number of times per week, and number of specified days per week/month. Also change sort order, such as frequency, color, and alphabetical/numerical. Categories too.

Really clean and tidy UI But there are some bugs that really bothers me! If I’ve done my one day note and marked, app doesn’t recognize me as a count and complete.does it automatically count when a day is passed? I really confused on that. Plz reply me whether it counts as one day complete mark after one day is passed or not! Or complete when I’ve marked and done my notes!

Simple, nice interface. The functionality is basic, just enough to track your daily habits. The free version allows for many habits, and if you sign in you can get your data backed up. I wish the size of the squares/grids could be adjustable, would love to fit more habits within the screen without scrolling. Would prefer a one click-done function instead of going into specific habit page to mark it done, so you can check multiple habits at once.

I like that it’s really simple and easy to use, but i can’t seem to get the notifications to work. It would be nice to have a calendar view of all habits, though I can see how that might be difficult to implement. Crossing my fingers! Updating my review to 5 stars, the Jan 28 update fixed the notifications. Thank you!
  • Shuto Yada
  • Thank you for using Dot Habit! Thank you for your feedback. I hope to support your good habits with Dot Habit

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