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Dragon Champions  A fantasy adventure of epic heroes in Dragon Champions, a free fantasy-themed turn-based RPG on mobile. Familiar graphics, an engaging storyline, tactical battles, PvP, PvE, and a few more awesome things for you to enjoy!

Are you an avid MMORPG fan? Do you miss the vibe of old computer games? Download Dragon Champions, and we’ll show you true dragon magic!

Take part in the legendary battle of the Dragon Champions against demons and the mysterious Reflections. Lead a squad of fantastic heroes to battle and determine the fate of the world of Korador. Humans, orcs, elves, pandas, goblins, beastmen, or demons? Seven playable races and two factions are waiting for your decisions! Assemble and upgrade your team and save the world, become the strongest champion at the arena, and learn the secret of the dragon protectors.

The Ancient Gods exterminated each other, leaving this world to dragons, their heirs. The dragons swore to protect the races of Korador from conflict, becoming the protectors of the races. Centuries passed, and dragons eventually stopped meddling in mortal affairs. Now orcs and humans are waging an endless war, elves and goblins are all-time enemies, while pandas and the beastmen hide in their faraway lands. That’s when demons invade the world, leading to the return of the mythical dragons. Become a part of this legend!

Dragon Champions features:

THREE ENGAGING STORY CAMPAIGNS Enjoy the memorable story of Dragon Champions in the spirit of classic fantasy, filled with humor and a ton of pop culture references. The story of Crown Prince Darian and Tromgar, the orc khagan, is like a high-quality blockbuster, starting with a personal story and ending with global-scale events.

PLAYER VS. PLAYER BATTLES Assemble the best heroes in your battle squad to participate in Arena battles! Your results will be recorded in global rankings. Try and become the best out there!

MANY HEROES TO CHOOSE FROM More than 50 characters from seven playable races and different rarity levels will join you in the ultimate adventure! Find ‘em all, obtain and craft equipment, and don’t forget you have a world to save!

DYNAMIC BATTLES Work out your own tactics in this turn-based RPG strategy with dynamic battles, time speedup, and a convenient autobattle feature. And if the autobattle won’t do the trick, take matters into your own hands and defeat the enemy on your own!

JOIN GUILDS AND PARTICIPATE IN RAIDS The wise strategists and military leaders of Dragon Champions join guilds and combine their efforts to win raids. Participate in raids to encounter the most powerful beasts of Korador and defeat the elder dragons.

ADDITIONAL MODES Completed the campaigns? Fight waves of devious enemies in the tower to test your mettle. Each battle is more difficult than the last, but you get generous rewards for each battle you complete!

Dragon Champions user reviews :

Originally 4*, then 2*, now back to 3*. Pros: Decent # of champs, playmodes, top end difficultly, & dolphin friendly. Negatives: Rarity & type tagging added both of which were mostly randomly assigned & made tourneys a pain to identify chars and significantly increased p2w, 2 factions (halfpigs & dwarves) still have no event to really justify farming them or leaders, & no new play mode in a long time (difficultly increases only).

Love the challenge. Been playing awhile and pay to win isnt much help ive tried that avenue. This game will test your ability to group characters and skills to be successful. They do not hide the math like most games. If u do the numbers on skill and attributes u win. Not much money required. Every build on a hero is different. Alot of custom building. A+
  • AppQuantum
  • Greetings, Cal C! Thank you so much for your awesome review. Wishing you the best of luck in your adventures in Korador!
Its fun and I enjoy it, albeit the teams are a little cookie cutter and it would be nice to have a list for characters that could appear in battlegrounds or arena store overall.
  • AppQuantum
  • Thanks a lot for the awesome review! What can we do to get 5 stars?
This is a great game. The only two things I would nitpick: I wish the green and reddish colors of the plus symbols on the hero gear upgrades did not look so similar. I know this is from being color blind (3 million new cases a year), but it is frustrating and would probably be an easy fix to change the hue/s slightly. The next one’s very minor; it would be nice if the auto fight button would stay persistent until changed. That’s it, give this game a whirl!
  • AppQuantum
  • Hello, Terry! Thank you for your reply. We are very glad to get such a joyful feedback! We will definitely take your words in account and make appropriate changes in game. Stay with us and you we’ll see more interesting things and fun in Dragon Champions.

I’m having a really good time with the game at this point. The graphics for the game are somewhat cartoony but in a good way, I enjoy the style used. Gameplay is very simple to understand and very similar to other games in this style. This game is also pretty f2p friendly, which is saying a lot compared to other games similar to it. Keep up the great work, it’s fun so far. P.S. Add Ember soon!

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