Dragon Storm Fantasy – Explore the beauty and darkness of Arcus

[Game] Dragon Storm Fantasy

Dragon Storm Fantasy  Become the dragon to experience world class, cross-server battles against the backdrop of an unforgettable storyline.

Fight on your own or lead your allies onto massive battlegrounds. Explore the beauty and darkness of Arcus and get rich resources to grow your strength!


The land of Arcus is in a constant state of battle! And always needs more heroes! Join the fray in World vs World, Server vs Server, and 10,000 vs 10,000 player battles or play solo in survival arenas!Take up arms and fight! Experience the unique “World class, cross-server Battle where the fighting never ends!

Unlock fantastic Divine Dragons to enhance your battle power. MUST TRY this innovative gameplay at your fingertips. Enhance your power by using the unique Divine Dragons – Embrace the powers of Frost, Fire, Light, Darkness, Life, Time, and Space as you assume the form of a giant dragon and lay waste to all who stand in your way.

Slay dozens of world-class bosses for rich resources, loot, XP, and special treasure drops! You can take everything that the boss had as your own!

Gather your friends to challenge some of the hardest world bosses you’ve ever faced. You’ll be pushed to your limits to tackle these powerful foes, but with great risk comes great rewards. Come on, fight for guild glory!

Items, both rare and common, drop with abundance and thanks to our thriving economy system you can buy and sell as your heart pleases. Gain rich resources while you’re offline. Easily remain competitive in the game without the need to be online 24/7!

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Dragon Storm Fantasy user reviews :

Good game so far… I’m a bit disappointed with the prices and offers… And you can’t progress without purchasing…you cannot be in between the best without spending money on it which is disappointing… But this is how it goes in this days….no matter how good you are all what matters is how much you spend…. Other than that it is a good game to kill your time with…

Just another copy of other games with slight variables in design. The game is structured to keep you spending and still not strong enough to compete. Unless you spend over 5k USD, or more for fun, this game is not for you. This may be one of the largest P2W games Ever, and you still lose. Not worth investing time or money since the game is dead. Server merges help for 2 weeks top. Edit: nobody buys from AH, diamonds cost too much and they can find the items. This game **NEEDS** diamond rewards.
  • GOAT Games
  • Dear player, While Diamond can give you a boost in-game they are by no means necessary to enjoy the game. You can get rich rewards by completing daily quest, overcoming dungeons, joining in daily events, and enhance your hero power alongside your guild members. If you really want to get Diamonds, you can sell valuable items in the Auction House.
I love the game and if it wasnt for the terrible auto play I would rate 5 stars. You work hard to get your level and power up to leave it on auto and still lose because it doesnt move out of the one hit attacks, also when your casting a spell you can also not run from those attacks causing you to lose easy and stupidly. Its irrating and for that reason I cant give 5 stars.
  • GOAT Games
  • Dear player, automatic mode can facilitate players. You are free to switch between automatic and manual modes. With automatic mode, player can check equipment or do something else while challenging dungeons. But we will also make a record of your comment as a consideration in the future development of the game. Thanks very much for your feedback!

This game has the potential to be a good game however right now there is no challenge to it. Most of the time it makes you use the auto feature as well so you might as well just be watching it and occasionally be had tap something. However the story is fairly interesting and the gameplay you can do is fun just needing to be able to be self done.

Not a bad game…fun. easy to get a grip on and the early development is very fast. Afk rewards are nice and actual purchases are relatively inexpensive. If there was full range 3-D cam control, I would never stop playing. Lol. That’s the only thing keeping me from dropping 5 ☆’s. Hopefully, a future update will give players a toggle option. Great job tho, team.

Over all, I like the concept of where this game’s going. But a problem that I’m running into is whenever I close the app and get back on, it will not let me resume an already started game. It will make me make a new character and not let me pick the one I’ve already started with. This in many ways is irritating, seeing as how I’ve taken the time to play the game and basically have to restart with a new character Everytime I open the app and want to play the game. Plz fix this problem.

Wonderful game so far. The graphics are amazing along with the overall gameplay. One thing that gets me is that you can’t pan your camera (unless you can and I just don’t know how). I don’t have a problem with not being able to choose your gender seeing that you would have to make some adjustments to the game, but I have seen others complaining about it. I have not had any issues as of yet.

Last Update  :

1. [Challenger 1v1]: New Challenger 1v1 Daily Practice: Pick any Top 32 Player in the Rankings you like.New Challenger 1v1 Peak Tournament Bets: Place a wager on the outcome during the preparation time of each battle.
2. [World Market]: Available on the 2nd day of Challenger 1v1 Standard Tournament.
3. [Season Trophy]: Available at the start of Challenger 1v1. Can Upgrade, Enhance and activate Glyphs after activation.

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