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[Game] Drop Battle – 1v1 PVP

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The object is to make a bigger number by merging the same numbers. Drop your number puzzle in battle mode and merge! It is the original 2048 number merge puzzle that you can play easy!! It is time to tease your brain. The Best 2048 Number Merge Game is Here and it is free to play!

Only the same number blocks can merge together. The number on the floor will merge towards the dropped number.

Merge Attack
When128 blocks are made, a steel block is created on the opponent’s tile.

Combo Defense
Energy is charged as blocks are merged continuously in a row.
When charging is complete, one metal block on your tile is automatically removed.

How to Win
If the opponent’s number blocks reach the ceiling first, you win the game!

Game will let you know the next block
Time killer but makes you smart
Displays your world ranking and high score in leader board
Vibration system applied when you drop blocks (Find in the pause button)
Simple and modern graphic design
No wifi connection required

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Drop Battle user reviews :

Please add another row for battle.. Its actually too fast and the strategy don’t work if there’s a limited number of row. almost perfect game only this is the flaw.. This game has alot of potential and unique.
  • Hello Khaki, thank you for your idea we will think about it
The game is pretty fun just wish there could be clans and stuff to make it more interactive you know? It may help the game gain popularity.
  • Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback. We really appreciate it!
Sound promising. Need cloud save data… No option for restore progress from other device…
  • We definitely have a plan to update cloud save or FB connect. Give us some time and we will update the game. Thank you for your feedback.
It keeps saying there is an updated version and won’t let me play. So 1 star for now.
  • Sorry, I fixed it now. Please try again.
Way too much advertisement and you can get infinite amount of gold watching ads.
  • Thanks for your feedback. We’ll try to reduce the ads influence to your game experience to the minimum. If you do not want to watch ads video, you can press X button on ads to skip! (X will appear in 5 seconds)
I installed in the morning completed the tutorial and tried to play a real game, it keeps searching for minutes so closed the game tried again in the evening same thing happening. I don’t know if there are enough players fo matchmaking. Will try again someday
  • We have small sample of players coming in as you are playing the soft launching version! The game will have more players by next week! Sorry for the waiting
Loading screen very buggy but besides that it’s good. And players are very tryhard lol
  • Sorry, I fixed some bugs and uploaded new version. Thank you for your feedback

I just played one game and won seems pretty simple cute graphics the rest idk yet

pretty good game.. few to many ads but hey it’s 2021
  • Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback. We really appreciate it!
It’s a cool game, but I don’t think you can add friends and play against them right? Please add that
  • The contents will be updated shortly ! Thank you for being the one for the first player!
Really just average but fun pvp.
  • Thank you for your valuable opinion. We are keen to user’s feedback. We will make sure your opinion is heard. We hope you have a good time at Superbox!
This is quite hard game. The concept is good. Easy to understand. More like thinking while fighting than just like other basic PvP battle Overall it was a good game Keep up the good work
  • I am glad that you like it! We have similar but also different games in Superbox store I am sure you will love it too! Thank you so much!
This game is playing very hard. This game has one game lenguage why alot of players are playing first and cheap stage playing and a lot of good players are crushing new and noobie player why this game hasnt new player protections why this game havent futures.
  • Thank you for your valuable opinion. I am very sorry to make you feel upset. We will make sure your opinion is heard. Because we always hope you to have a good time at Superbox. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Love it
  • Thank you for praising our game. We will continue to develop more enjoyable games!

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