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Duel HeroesDuel Heroes : Experience the magic, mischief and mayhem with your friends.


Duel Heroes is an original TCG (Trading card game) designed for the card battle games enthusiasts. Whether you are a rookie at card and poker games or a veteran, you can always find something intriguing here.

Innovative gameplay allows you to battle with players around the world anytime & anywhere. Use various strategies and endless combinations to seize control of an ever-shifting battlefield. If you are a CCG or TCG player, if you like trading cards, if you like cool games and fun games for free, you cannot miss the fighting games.

It’s go time, Duel Heroes! The fun & quick battle is just one finger tap away!


Easy to learn: Never played card games before? Not a problem! Duel Heroes has a series of fun introductory missions helping you become the master of cards.

Endless combinations: Build your very ultimate deck with 100+ unique minions and 100+ unique spells and traps. New cards released every month.

Anytime, anywhere: 3-5 minutes battles give you quick, convenient access to the card game experience no matter where you are!

Strategy games: Turn the tides of the game with different minions, spells, and traps. Use cards like: “Dictator Caesar”, “King Ragnar”, “Death Squad” or “Siegfried” to win the match. Plan your strategy wisely and prepare for ultimate battle. Routine tricks and ignorance lead only to defeat!

PVP Online games: In the PVP games mode, you can challenge players all around the world, fight your way through multiple arenas all the way to the top.

Solo Campaign: Fight powerful bosses to win awesome prizes.

Have fun with your friends: Form a guild to build your very own battle community. Challenge your guild members and friends to 2 player games for private duels.

Duel Heroes is a user-friendly game. We design free games for adults and for children, games for girls and for boys. When you are hanging out with your friends, tired of the old party game and want to try new addictive games, popular games, board games, boy and girl games, party games, or good games for free, Duel Heroes is your perfect choice. Bring your friends, let’s dual. Duel Heroes has plenty intriguing characters, “Fencer Arya”, “Archon Octavian”, Warrior Bjorn”, “Genius Hermione” “Melisandre” “Daenerys” “Dean Triss”, they are all here waiting for you. Ever fantasize the magic duels? If thats you, download Duel Heroes and all your needs will be met.

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Glory awaits, Come and join Duel Heroes today!

Duel Heroes user reviews :

Good strategy somtimes draft feels unfair, but it would be nice to have a better way to get gems, definatly pay to win model for competitive play. but the fact that it somewhat translates into challenge mode is a bit disappointing. this game needs better free daily rewards and quests that give you adventure tickets, it’s a really fun and robust battle system and good co-op but free to play players should be given more stuff to do that.I have enjoyed my experience but time will show if it lasts.

One of the very few games that is exactly what it advertises. Fun quick battles. The PVP is competitive enough to be fun but not so much as to be too frustrating when u lose a duel. I also enjoy the fact that you can mix different play styles to create your unique style since there is no restriction of adding different cards to your deck. Also the artwork is great. You can play for free since it is easy to earn booster packs, but it is also quite rewarding to spent a few euros to support it.

Its a great, its just its so hard to get rare cards or stronger cards that is unfair in battles

First of all, this game is truly lag free.. There also easy to get powerful card and its not pay to win game… I think for someone who wanted play mini yugioh can play this apps.. There only one problem at here..the problem is sometimes they always give me all spell and weapon card… But I have 26 minions card and only a little spell,trap and weapon card..I hope you will fix this problem

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