Dungeon and Heroes – You accidentally ended up on a mysterious continent

[Game] Dungeon and Heroes

Dungeon and HeroesDungeon and Heroes is a 3D RPG exploration game in which you may collect materials, upgrade heroes, explore the wild and fortify your castle.

Encountered with a fierce storm during the voyage, you accidentally ended up on a mysterious continent. To survive on this unknown land, you must fortify your castle, recruit heroes and explore far and wide.

3D Realistic Style
Enjoy an eye-catching view of your Castle, along with fantastic heroes and monsters, all 3D view guaranteed! Roam around the world map with a variety of terrains and take down your enemies!

Construction & Exploration
Build and fortify your castle, recruit and collect powerful heroes, fully explore the world and collect every resource to thrive. Enjoy the sweet taste of victory in a simple idle style! Plenty of terrains, stages and items are waiting for you to explore. Challenge and conquer giant monsters!

Immerse in Collecting & Upgrading
Summon heroes from different races, train them with strategies to set up your unique troop. Heroes have unique properties of their own. They will have brand new appearances while being promoted. Note that forging in Smithy comes with a certain degree of randomness which may give you a surprise!

Intense Realtime Battles
Fight monsters in amazing 3D scenes with a first-person perspective. Make a good choice for your front & rear row and show your power in endless real-time battles with spectacular special effects.

Innumerable Gameplays
Challenge Flame Dragon, smash the Dungeons, beat through Infinity Tower and participate in Arena. Be a true commander in Dungeon & Heroes!

Fight with Your Friends
Create or join a Guild to play with people together. You’ll have much more fun to battle with players from all over the world!

A lot more is yet to come. Join us now and explore the mysterious continent together!

Contact us:
Email: dungeon_support[at]droidhen.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dungen.heroes/

Dungeon and Heroes user reviews :

Great game… but some changes needed. – change the city… remove locked buildings since they are useless until needed. Make city more like clash of clans instead of HOMM .. looks too dated. Encourage city building.. – have perishable troops… there is no consequence to losing battles – have moving enemies on map.. – combat system needs to change so more risk involved by user… maybe have rounds preprogrammed by user like Lords of Xidit.
  • DroidHen
  • Thank you for your feedback and all of the suggestions, Alex Kuo. We can’t guarantee every player’s suggestion will be adopted, but we will surely submit it to our developers. Hope you enjoy!
Pretty good game so far, it is a pay to win so we will see later on, kind of reminds me of Heroes of Might and Magic, but the battles remind me of the usual pay to play games, still very fun so far but I’m only 15 so we will see.
  • DroidHen
  • We are delighted to hear that you enjoyed our game, Jeffrey Baisden! We’ll continue to work on delivering better gaming experiences to our players! Thank you for your support!
Really enjoying the game so far. I really like the concept. Only improvement I would suggest is the visuals of the battles. Wouldn’t mind seeing my characters fight instead of their picture. Keep up the good work!
  • DroidHen
  • Thank you, Nicolas! Your feedback will be considered at future updates. Have a good game!
This game is fun and addictive. It has similar concepts to the heroes of might and magic series. Only thing I dislike is the fact that you cannot control which targets your units attack. Why is this? Also wish there was a bigger online community though, that would help this game grow. I cant find a Facebook or reddit dedicated to this game. (You will find a ton of other games with similar names though)
  • DroidHen
  • Hi, our Facebook is www.facebook.com/dungen.heroes/ Thanks for your support and hope you enjoy!
Hmm wouldn’t know, I downloaded this game 2 nights ago and still can’t play it at all, deleting it tomorrow if I still can’t connect to a server!
  • DroidHen
  • Thanks for your review. If you have any problem, please contact us by email: dungeon_support@droidhen.com. We will check it for you. Thank you!
Very nice rpg. Fast progress and depth of gameplay. Something to improve: cant mute game sounds and listen to music. Game stops any music from playing
  • DroidHen
  • Dear user, thanks for your support, hope you enjoy!

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Bug fixes & optimizations.

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