Dynasty Scrolls – Fight against the most dangerous enemies

[Game] Dynasty Scrolls

Dynasty Scrolls  Break history and wreck the meta!

Asia’s beloved RPG released in English with a new tutorial & jacked up rewards to gently guide you into the ultra-violent wastelands!

Free stuff! Great values!

Enjoy tons of rewards every day! Get 20 lucky draws for free upon login to the game. Get the famous legend Zhao Yun for free after logging in for seven days. Get up to 30,000 Gold, an exclusive skin for free within the first week! A lot of bonuses will help you grow fast!

Top-class character paintings, reshaping Chinese legends

We created a wonderful game world with a combination of fantasy and real history! Hundreds of top-class painters work hard to create a brand new design of the epic heroes with the combination of classics and modern tastes. We use fantasy paintings to reshape the famous stories.

Strategic Combos! Choose your own ultimate skills!

An advanced combo system gives you the freedom to craft your own strategy. Dozens of combos and synergies are at your disposal! A variety of training paths await. Fight with your wisdom and courage! Smooth cinematic battles give you ultimate visual experience!

Evolve historical scenarios or experience the tactical RPG campaign mode

The game has a unique Historical mode which combines the fun of a top-down RPG game with an advanced tactical battle system. Meanwhile, you may become legendary heroes like Zhao Yun and Lu Bu to re-experience the epic historical battles and create your own stories. There is always something to do no matter what level you are!

Gathering together to fight for your Legion

Once we become brothers and sisters, we will fight until the end of the world! Grow your legend with your friends. Fight against the most dangerous enemies and explore the mysterious Instances. Keep developing and growing to conquer the world.

Find more about the game news and bonus: www.facebook.com/dynastyscrolls/

Dynasty Scrolls user reviews :

Game seems good so far alot of jokes in the storyline makes you wanna keep going

Stupid people complaining about getting pre registration rewards late. Great game, nothing to complain about, well I don’t find any because you can get everything here but at a slow pace which is okay for me. But what I love is that they have changed the original dynasty scroll story to make a better ending. IT’S FREAKING AWESOME!! I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY REALLY DID THAT. I WILL PLAY THIS GAME FOREVER. LOVE IT. I am in top 100 without any payment so just shut up you BIG NOOB HATERS.

This is the best game ever . Such a well thought game in anyways. Only the chats needs working on and translater but the BEST GAME i have pre registered and waited long time and it was worth it . Events all over rewards all over ever day NOT pay to win but u can pay to grow more if u want . Only game in years i am satisfied with.great in anyways DEFİNİTELY RECOMMEND !!!!!

Changing my previous review. I spent some more time playing this game and I can say I’m enjoying it big time. The animations are reeeeeally awesome. I wish we could do more during combat though. Like I said before, the story is meh, but I don’t care. The only thing I dislike is the voice acting. Please give us an option to turn that off during story mode. Other than that, great game!

I guess the only thing that stood out is the “cringe dialogue” This game is very much P2W with all the VIP system its luring players to buy when all the people have red team characters even the vip is luring people to get 12Vip much more or less the gameplay is fine its basic and the graphics of the characters is done well but its a basic gameplay like any other out there
  • Dear player, We have to admit that the game is not perfect enough now, but we are improving to make it better step by step. In game, we have lots interesting events can get free rewards. If you have any suggestions, you can contact our customer service in the game. Have a nice day!

The most appealing thing about this game are the fabulous 4th wall breaks and the modern slang being used in the dialogue. It’s a pretty typical turn-based RPG game otherwise, but the funny script has me hooked.

Fantastic game, beautiful graphic and superb gameplay. It’s not p2p but it’s pay to win or pay to be better than others, lol. What game isn’t nowadays. The game is rather similar to Samurai Era, Westward M and other Three Kingdoms games, only better imo. Heroes collection RPG lovers shoud not miss this.

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