Dystopia Contest of Heroes – Fight with the brave Conor and his squad against evil enemies

[Game] Dystopia Contest of Heroes

Dystopia Contest of Heroes

Epic Multiplayer RTS Adventure

For all the lovers of strategy games, we present you DYSTOPIA: CONTEST OF HEROES!

Prepare for the BIG CLASH
Fight with the brave Conor McGregor and his squad against evil enemies as the world goes to pieces in this galaxy battle from the future.

Become a LEADER & free the CITY
Assume the role of a HERO in a futuristic world where fractured societies and clans are fighting for power and control over the city in this new genre-defining RTS game with RPG elements.

If you love to play strategy games with your friends – DYSTOPIA: CONTEST OF HEROES is the perfect new game for you!

Manage your HEROES with unique equipment and abilities that fit your desired gameplay style

Forge an ALLIANCE to create a strategy and develop Tech Trees in a united effort for domination over the galaxy

Command your ARMY, win every BATTLE and conquer your enemy!

Rush into a fantasy RTS ADVENTURE
Be the brave champion of Conor McGregor’s unique TOURNAMENTS  – send your best soldiers to clash with the enemy’s army and overpower their base defenses.

Battle amazing LEVELS
Show your dominance by climbing the RANKS and join THE BRAVE Conor McGregor on an epic journey as you explore the city districts in a thrilling solo campaign.

Try this NEW GAME that you are going to LOVE
All this in a fantasy strategy game of the future with RPG elements! It’s pure, it’s a GRAND ADVENTURE, it’s DYSTOPIA: CONTEST OF HEROES!


BE a BRAVE HERO! Join Conor McGregor in this Dystopian world as you fight in Tournaments and battle through the campaign story of this epic genre-defining strategy game!

BUILD an ARMY! Create your own base, manage your defenses, plan hundreds of strategies to surprise attack your rivals.

JOIN the FANTASY HEROES! Mix and Match – select from an all-star cast with unique skills to get that extra edge on the battlefield.

RUSH INTO BATTLE! Dynamic RTS battles with more depth and options than ever before.

BUILD your STRATEGY! Show the type of player you are! Play aggressive, play safe or play smart. Dominate or be crushed!

LEVEL UP your HERO! Collect legendary weapons, upgrade epic armor, and beef up your heroic squad to crush your foes.

CONQUER the CITY! Be the hero that will win in this game with RPG elements!

FORGE ALLIANCES! Make new friends and fight together to increase your influence on the grid in this multiplayer adventure and liberate the world.

CHAT with OTHERS! Connect with millions of players worldwide that are fans of RTS and strategy games like you. Gather information, discuss gameplay, and forge lasting relationships!

CLASH! Fight your enemies and find the right strategy to win every battle!

Don’t wait, come join Conor McGregor and explore the vast universe of Dystopia TODAY!

Facebook: www.facebook.com/dystopiacontestofheroes
Twitter: twitter.com/DystopiaMobile
Instagram: www.instagram.com/dystopiagame/
Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCNXNqib5cr0OV0nPbe3D22g?view_as=subscriber
Discord: discord.gg/xhdRnsJ
Web: dystopia.beetrootlab.com/

Privacy Policy: dystopia.beetrootlab.com/privacy-policy.html
Terms of Service: dystopia.beetrootlab.com/terms-of-service.html

Dystopia Contest of Heroes user reviews :

I love the game and I enjoyed playing it.. I know you can fix the bugs issues I am positive about that.. while playing longer screen turns black and the app corrupt.. sometimes it cause lags while in the battle thats the most important of this game plsss I know you can make it improve.. If that will be fix as soon as possible it will be a great impact for all the players and for game.. Invest more time fixing bugs and improving the game..

Graphics are great, bugs sometimes with the “grass” when you move a building. Game plays just like Clash of Clans, my suggestion is to copy some more of Clash’s “quality of life” features while maintaining the games current identity, like adding a base editor and a “select row” option for wall upgrades. When swiping in combat, troop placement sensitivity should be decreased so I don’t accidentally place anything.

Love this game already, of course it has bugs due to the fact that is very new. Looking forward for the updates and please make an auto train for the troops + something to show you what is next to upgrade for your buildings!

Keeps resetting itself to before mission 2. Very annoying as can be in the middle of a mission when it resets. Game has lots of promise but I’m not likely to play it now unless it’s fixed quickly
  • SIA Beetroot Lab
  • Sorry to hear you’re experiencing an issue preventing you from enjoying the full game experience. We want to help resolve this ASAP. Please send us your username with description of the problem to support[at]beetrootlab.com and we’ll jump on it.

I do love the game but its to buggy on chats even on gameplay and slow server but plss add more features like editing layout of the buildings and multiple selection of walls and upgrading it all at once and many more things more plss add some of my recommendations plss ty and add clan wars or alliance wars or anything you like to call it

Game is fun. But so far i noticed one problem. When i try to creat alliance it cost 50 and if the name is already taken it still charge me the 50 i think this needs to be fixed.

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