ECO Falling Ball – Escape through the portals now

[Game] ECO Falling Ball

ECO Falling Ball  Test your brain power and agility through a variety of puzzles.

Use ECO to solve the puzzles and escape through the portals now!


In the distant future, the entire earth is covered by a massive sandstorm.
The Doctor, isolated in a shelter, decides to create an exploration robot called ECO and set off on a journey to escape.

Can ECO solve various puzzles and descend the building with the Doctor?
Everyone, please help ECO and the Doctor escape.

Game Features

A Total of 300 Puzzles. The Longer You Play, the Tougher It Gets.
The earlier stages are simple and easy, so you can get familiar with controlling ECO.
Take up the challenge of the ECO puzzles that get tougher the further you advance.

Various Gimmicks for Exploration Activities
Use your brain power and agility to move ECO to the end portal. Use everything you can—levers, buttons, propellers, drones, conveyor belts, etc.—to collect energy and safely take ECO to the portal.

A Variety of Physics Engine-based Puzzles
ECO can descend slopes, fall from high places, and even ride on the wind.
Take advantage of physics in each puzzle map to collect 3 Energy units and evacuate ECO.

Cute Characters and Various Skins
You can get various skins for the cute, round ECO as you progress through the story.
Complete achievements and collect Coins to get cute skins for your ECO.

Complete Episodes and Get Your Own Building
Follow the game story, and you can develop and allocate various objects inside the shelter.
By developing your shelter, you can earn Coins and change its appearance. Customize your building with ECO.

ECO Falling Ball user reviews :

It is like one of those puzzle games that i played few years ago and now i just want to have that great experience again and this game sure gives it to me i only played the first few levels and its really well made, well done to the level designers and the developers the levels have just the right amount of difficulty not too hard but not easy, just prefect.

A really fun mobile game! One of the best I’d say. Nice music, fun game play and a good art style. The writing seems a bit stale but that’s not a big problem. I look forward to playing this more!
  • Hello! Carter Anderson! Thank you for your valuable feedback about our game! Your review is a great help for us! Have a nice day!
This is such a great game. I love it. I beat all the levels (besides chapter 6. cant wait for the update) with all the energy. After the first chapter it’s basically Cut the Rope, but I like this a lot more.
  • Hello! Joshua Tilyou! Your review is a great help for us. Have a good day!
This is honestly an extremely fun game, haven’t had any issues whatsoever. Thank you for making an enjoyable game.
  • Hello! Thank you for playing our game! Happy New Year!
It’s fun, simple but challenging. Plus it doesn’t require pay to play. Which in my opinion is to common today.
  • Hello! Joseph Landry! Your review is a great help for us! Have a good day!
It’s a pretty good game. It’s will help u easy time if you have to wait on anything.
  • Hello! Your review is a great help for us! Thank you!
Amazing!! Great graphics and template. Challenging but worth the time.
  • Hello! Jeremy Cornejo! Thank you for playing our game! Your review is a great help for us! Have a good day!
nice concept i really enjoy the challage of the puzzles and the music is relaxing
  • Hello! Thank you for your review of our game! Have a good day!
I really love this game this is the most fun I had in 5 year’s
  • Hello! Thank you for your positive review of our game! Have a good day!
Love this game easy controls cant wait for chapter 4 update
  • Hello! Thank you for playing our game. We look forward to seeing you soon! Have a good day!

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