Elroi Defense War – Amazing relics are in front of you

[Game] Elroi Defense War

Elroi Defense War  Super-simple battles!

Go on an adventurous expedition to pioneer a new continent!
Pioneer a new continent by fostering your characters and executing various strategies!
Huge bosses and amazing relics are in front of you.

A tower defense RPG that anyone can easily enjoy!
Various territories! Over 500 stages!
Occupation, defense, time attack, and boss battles!
Enormous bosses!
Collect hidden artifacts and activate powerful artifact effects!
Over 200 unique characters!
Easy controls and character growth!
And lastly, an unknown new continent waiting for you…

Simple game rules that anyone can enjoy – even for beginners!
Summon your characters with a simple touch, defeat monsters, and destroy enemy towers to discover amazing artifacts.
Collect artifacts to grow your team, and hire and nurture powerful heroes and master characters.

EK Games Co., Ltd.

Elroi Defense War user reviews :

Been playing for 3hrs and it is Quite interesting since it has alot of different units to choose from and has different elements more variation and dynamics the better. This game can improve much more in the future, i suggest only that please add more multiplayer interaction like, world chats, guild or kingdoms or clans, and raids since the game is online. Overall good game enough to get 4 stars from me. Keep up the good effort.

Good game, really pushes you to invest into low cd units early on and choose an element and race. The ads that play however seems to only be determined by how many stages you complete. So every 4-5 stages you get an ad. Hoping for an artifact and not getting it after watching 4 ads gets frustrating.

Looked like a fun game, but asks for a download before it even loads and when you try downloading the patch it crashes every time.

Really wanted to like this. Lot of little issues that can be over looked but it crashes constantly.

Its not bad so far, but for those who bought packages and thangs should be able to get double reward without watching ads… don’t be too greedy

Very enjoyable time killer. I almost have 4 stars because auto battle and 2x speed is a consumable item.

I enjoy the game but for 15mins only…i got error connection but my internet was fine cant play the game stuck at blue screen pls help

It is injustice to rate 4 star , they deserve 5 star … But the forced advertisements are really annoying

Very fun to play in your free time but it feels a little 2d just saying

No rate up for a multiple summon. Abysmal rate for ‘Legendary’ class.

You will get force to watch ad, uninstall

4 stars for game, another star since I come from LOD game. Gameplay is not too new, but it’s certainly interesting. Kinda lack of some description for what a character stat represent, as well as what they do (this is why only 4 stars come from game).

I’m a fan of LOD and seeing this new game with the same sprite does ignite my spirit up, I’m hoping more feature and update. Keep up the amazing work dev!

The game is fun, the characters are cute and the appearance of fighting is also cute. Please do a lot of events!

Too many advertisments even on normal playing

Love it so far, no complaints

Will change the rate base on your reply. These characters are from LORD OF DUNGEONS from different game developer. Do you have the license to use these characters?
  • We are EK Games, the developer of Lord of Dungeons. This game has the same worldview as the Lord of Dungeons. Thank you very much for your interest in our new game, Elroi, which is newly released following Lord of Dungeons.

Can you add enemies in the journal please?

so far its good

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