Ending Days – After the end of the world

[Game] Ending Days

Ending Days  After the end of the world, everything is over and the human race extinct.

The ancient guardian Eco who survived alone starts reckless battle with her immortality.
It is a folly like picking up a grain of diamond from the desert that continues to the horizon.
Still the girl never gives up.
She looks for “the future of hope” that resists all destinies…

# Repeat “Ending 100 days” to save the world

Ending Days is Rogue like RPG.
Make your party with 2 characters and try to defeat “Satan”.

You can try the Satan castle from the first day, but you will definitely get back.
Travel the world, capture a dungeon, get the support of a influential person, stop the secret maneuver of the rivals, and acquire the power to defeat Satan.
The world is randomly generated each time you start an adventure, and a different history is spun each time you play.

# Easy to play, but severe adventure

In the field, select the map point to move next.
In battle, select the skill to use.
Once you’ve picked up new equipment, you can either replace it with a new one or simply ignore it to earn a bonus item instead.
Playing is very easy, but evil monsters will easily break up your party.
Players need medium- and long-term strategies to grow the adventurers stronger.
Each time you decide which item to use, which supporters to buy from, and in what order to conquer, each one affects the result of the decisive battle.

Every time game is over, Echo the ancient guardian returns to the past 100 days ago again to start the next challenge.
As many times as possible until she grasp “the Future of hope” …

# An expansive adventure and possibilities

Players can carry gold even if defeated.
In addition, you can open the random item box “Chronochest” where characters and expendable items can be gained by achieving various missions.
Or you can purchase characters and some consumable items directly. (There is no paid random box)
Depending on the composition of the party members, you can enjoy various conquest methods.
Characters will continue to increase with major updates.
Create your own favorite party to save the world!

There is also PC Web version!

Official site

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化け猫缶 素材屋

Ending Days user reviews :

I really really love this game! It’s sad though to know that this game will not get the massive update anymore, but still, you developers are kind enough to run the game for us to enjoy it! Even though the story got the potential (and is quite intriguing to be honest), the translation is quite poor and thus affect the gameplay at least for me. That aside, what makes me attached to this game is not the characters and story itself but the ingame musics for every specific interactions. 5 star!

Great game from the same makers as Buriedbornes(even has a lot of the same icons from it too), as usual tricky to navigate and the translation isn’t great but it’s a great roguelite, not as tough as Buriedbornes but it is fun in its own way. Anime art, interesting setting only gripe with it is the time limit, I get why it’s there it just feels less exploration more rush

Its actually pretty good game, i play it at first released and my impression is it was awesome, and that time is just a little that got translated, and now its so much and i find this good, but.. I bit dissapoint about the story that deleted and some stuff, like after you beat satan for first time, there are story (dialouge) that echo and the hero talk each other, i still remember that the hero (us) want save echo from the paradox but echo refused it. Pls make that stuff back, its really pity.

Charming, visually beautiful and well intentioned. The english translation needs some love (Yes it has english despite the play store images only showing runes) but underneath it all is a surprisingly deep RPG style roguelike. Just piles of characters and items and abilities and more to give the type of variety you crave. Strive to make the most broken combinations you can before the enemies out broken you. Then upgrade and unlock more stuff and try it all again. Give it a try!

Last Update September 17, 2020 :

Large update has come!
Many new feature, new functions, improvements and bug fixes.
Please check URL below.

Contact developer :


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