Endurance – You have to survive in this labyrinth

[Game] Endurance – infection in space

Endurance  Looking for an action-packed space-shooter game with a mystery story?

Or maybe you’re after retro games with a dungeon setting? Or perhaps your aim is to find something old school like 8-bit games but with RPG elements? If so, then Endurance: infection in space (2d space-shooter) is the best choice for you!

Endurance: infection in space – is a prequel to Ailment (another space labyrinth/dungeon pixel game with a mystery story). Play it and forget about the others shooting games.

Endurance space-shooter is offering you:

Mystery plot
This 2d dungeon shooter will tell you a story that happened before the events of Ailment (you don’t have to play Ailment before). You’re a researcher on a starship Endurance, and one day your space team gets an infection and becomes insane.

Your goal
You have to survive in this labyrinth/dungeon mystery starship and find out what happened to the space team, how this infection spread around the Endurance starship, and rescue your crew members. You’ll be fighting with your former colleagues, and you’ll be trying to survive this bullet rush nightmare with tons of guns.

2d game setting
Endurance: infection in space has a retro mystery ambience with labyrinth/dungeon levels as it is one of the 2d pixel games with bullet rush battles. It also has horror elements, which makes the mystery story even more engaging. If you love shooting games, you have to try Endurance.

Multiple playing options
You can play using a gamepad as it’s one of those controllers supported games. Endurance is a game you shouldn’t miss if you live shooting games with thrilling gameplay and plot you won’t get enough of.

Your space team
In this bullet rush pixel game, you’ll be surrounded by your space team – liveable and talkative characters, which going to break a bit of this horror ambience to relax you and prepare for the hardcore battles with your enemies who got the infection.

There’s a huge arsenal of guns that you can use to defeat the whole army of your infected space team, to discover the whole mystery story of how this infection appeared on this labyrinth(dungeon) starship.
This adventure 2d shooter is full of references to many sci-fi movies as well!

And now just to sum up all the great gameplay features of this space-shooter:

Tons of weapon
Retro ambience
Hardcore gameplay
Mystery story
2d pixel art graphics
Atmospheric music
Dungeon(labyrinth) like levels
One of the controllers supported games

So If you’re a choice among thousands of bullet rush games or shooting games and you’re a fan of 2d pixel games, retro games, indie games, controller supported games, labyrinth/dungeon games with RPG elements, you need to stop doing whatever you’re doing, and download Endurance right now!

Endurance user reviews :

Loved the game so far, but the dialogues are too repetitive because it’s the same as Ailment. So far the storytelling is confusing because everything is about “I don’t understand” it has been repeated so much everyone in the ship seems to not know why are they even born. The atmosphere is very nice and intense, the music keeps up with the pace, the gameplay is very fun. Keep up the good work though!
  • Catappult Publishing
  • Thanks you so much for the review man!
Found his channel on YouTube and loved how this game that was under development at the time looked. Had to download this game and was not disappointed. The attention to detail put into this game is tremendous. Massive level design with even more attention to detail put in to the art and the way the character reacts with the environment. Incredible work and what’s even more mindboggling is that this is the brainchild of one single person! Absolutely floored
  • Ivan Panasenko
  • Thank you so much for your review Akhil !
If you’ve been looking for a game with retro 8bit graphics, go no further than Endurance: Dead Space . What makes this game totally unique is its creepy music that adds to a horror type of atmosphere, along with quirky Easter eggs and sci fi movie references,this is by far one of the better games I’ve played on mobile. A big thank you to the developer for giving us this Indie game , all I ask is that you bring us games with this atmosphere! Especially the horror aspect of the game ,I loved it !
  • Ivan Panasenko
  • Thank you very much for your 5-star review Corban !!!
Good game and there is no ads while playing unless you want a reward and it’s really good when it comes to oldschool shooting Ps: this game is amazing also it would be nice if there was some tutorial of how your companion works because it’s little hard to direct them right in landmines Pss: it would be nice if you fixed dr.reed copies after watching an ad because in a boss fight i had 3 or 4 dr.reeds at the same time which was hilarious and hard
  • Ivan Panasenko
  • Thank you!!!
This is the best pixel RPG game i ever played i like the character movements it looks smooth the control are simple and the pixel art of this game is amazing.Also the character need improvement like when you using pistol instead of handling it with 2 hands you just use 1 hand but if you use some heavy guns you will hand it with 2 hands and i think multiplayer mode should be good fighting Boss or Team up to clear some areas.
  • Ivan Panasenko
  • Thank you for your feedback!!

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