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[Game] Escape From Work

Escape From Work  Can You Escape – Holidays – Out Now!

Do you have problems defining your ideal profession? Welcome to a special program willing to help you to find a perfect job for yourself! Enter the secret house with 15 different rooms and put yourself to the epic test and see if you are able to escape each and every room in the building. Try out your skills for code-breaking, puzzle solving and logical thinking and see if you have what it takes to escape this special house. Remember that if you get stuck in any of the rooms you have found the perfect job for yourself. But if you manage to escape through all the levels your perfect matching job is a professional puzzle solver!

AMAZING puzzles!
Gorgeous 3D graphics.
Interesting atmosphere!
15 different locations!
Addicting story.
World class room escape game!

Escape From Work user reviews :

This is one of the most tedious, arbitrary, illogical, and boring escape games I’ve ever played. Almost every level ended with me thinking, “That was lame!” Plus, the ad at the bottom of the screen overlayed the scene, which was very annoying and felt like it was always in the way.

Clues make sense. Just right amount of difficulty. Graphics are decent. The sound loop doesn’t make me crazy, either.

I WOULD give 5star BUT…I made it to level 5 and the ad from Google covered the entire bottom of my screen…in order to escape the room, there was something hidden under the ad that I cant touch bc it keeps taking me to Google…I’m stuck on level 5 until I can get to that area on my screen. Try shrinking the screen play just a bit and put a border around it. Put the ads in border. Easy. Then I’ll give 5 star

Just when you thought you found a decent Escape game; this is a Huge disappointment with an Ads extreme importance!!!

Playing this game on my phone. The found objects are too small to see what they really are sometimes. Would be nice that when you touch them the name of the object will be displayed as well. Other than that the Escape rooms are fun. Challenging but not too challenging

It’s all good till you get so far and then it requires payment to continue. Decided to delete because I do not wanna pay for a game that only allow you to play up to half way they make you pay for more levels.

You have to pay to play the rest of the game even though ur forced to watch adverts that last 30 sec at the end of every room. I refuse to pay to play in this case. I turned Internet off so I could bypass the adverts.

Well the game was cool to play up until the last free level to 9. Thank you though. I guess when I get some moolah I will order the next couple of levels. Was fun but ended so soon without any warning.

Not impressed that the option to buy the hints comes up within 4 games to the end. Stupid. Should offer it at the beginning or let people know it’s only good for 4 more games.

Hate where the ad sits you cant see the game because there an ad in the way and when u click on something it doesn’t open or move you go to the next thing then come back and it opens

Puzzle are too easy even i already finished all the free levels (9 levels) just take 15 minutes with no hint used…the ad are so annoying.

decent game to play for under an hour. only has 8 or 9 levels to free play but still a quick free short inline game to play.

the lock on the jordan door doesnt show the five switch handle u with the number so u can out in the code u have to put in it just goes to the lock and i click on the lock and nothing happens like i got the wrong obeject but i dont so idk if its a glitch in it or what first time playing this game and already dont like

Pretty good. Some were very tricky. Completed the game.

Nice graphics. Fun and straightforward puzzles.

Tricky enough to need a couple clues but not too difficult to where I’d want to give up.

I love this game!!!!

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