Escape Lab – A lovely evening takes an evil twist

[Game] Escape Lab

Escape Lab  Online escape room for 2 players.

A lovely evening takes an evil twist, as you wake up locked up in the lab of the psychopathic Dr. Holmes. Can you and your partner escape the lab before you become his next human guinea pigs?

Escape Lab is a free escape room game for 2 players. It is played online, with the two players either physically sitting together or playing in their own houses. The game requires constant communication (e.g. voice call) to be played.
It is perfect for the pandemic times, especially if you miss real-life escape rooms.

Witness the horrid experiments conducted by Dr. Holmes, and use all your wit to avoid ending up in one of them
Play with a friend, spouse, or a family member
Co-operate to solve puzzles and escape the lab
Dark, scary atmosphere with beautiful graphics
Interact with objects by tapping on them. Join your partner by tapping on the Partner Location icon on the top left
Play on all major mobile devices
It takes about 1-1.5 hours to escape, and the game can be stopped and resumed later

Don’t have a partner to play with? Try Escape Lab – Single Player version:

Escape Lab user reviews :

Pretty neat game. Took about an hour. Fun little puzzles but not too hard. (LOL at the 1 star for putting wanting to play alone… its a 2 person game…)
  • Past Life Studios
  • Thanks so much for the awesome review. Please share the game with friends who enjoy escape rooms
Really cool game. Played it with my gf and it was challenging. Please make more episodes.
  • Past Life Studios
  • Thank you for playing our game! I will keep working on the next episodes!

Wish there was more co-op elements and that less random tapping was required. Good start.

Awesome idea, I’ve been looking for sonethibg like this. My wife and I had a great time playing and want more!

Local co-op puzzle game. Great balance. Most riddles start very difficult and get easier or get more cues over time. A lot of fun to explore with a friend!

Great game This game kept me and my 16yo son amused for an hour. Looking forward to episode 2.
  • Past Life Studios
  • Thank you very much for your 5-star review!
Interactive and innovative way to connect with a friend for an hour or so. Fun and challenging.
  • Past Life Studios
  • Thank you!

Escape Lab is amazing and wonderful . Fantastic and very useful app.

Was a fun and new way to play this type of game. Really enjoyed it.

Challenging but flowing at a good pace

Really good game. Enjoyed playing it a lot.

Fun little free escape room for 2 people! About an hour to do

Cant play should have option for 1 player
  • Past Life Studios
  • Hi. This game is designed for 2 people, as said in the description. It is not very fair to give a 1 star review to a 2-player game just because you were looking for a single player game. Cheers.

Nice experience. Design should be attractive. Anyway

Was good, will play the next one!

Good fun way to kill an hour

Fun way to pass two hours with a friend while teasing your brain. I played it with my girlfriend and every time we made progress we were shouting through the roof :) The art work is very nice, too.
  • Past Life Studios
  • We are pleased that you enjoyed the game. If there is anything we can do for you, just let us know at ahprodinc -at-! Have a wonderful day!
Had a lot of fun playing this. Some of the puzzles were a real challenge. Very cool idea for a game.
  • Past Life Studios
  • Thanks so much for the review!

Fun game. Me and the wife were able to get through it pretty quickly. We both want more.

Awesome interesting game. I really enjoy the game.I love this high quality game.

Awesome interesting game. I love it.

Very interesting game.
  • Past Life Studios
  • Thanks so much for the review. Please tell about it to your friends who like puzzles and escape rooms

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