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Eternal Quest  Eternal Quest is a 2D MMORPG game of adventure and fantasy, which features dynamic and fun gameplay, well-crafted skills, monsters and a beautiful map full of details for the player to explore.

This is not just another MMORPG, Eternal Quest has the proposal to bring the gameplay and dynamics of 3D games to the beloved oldschool 2D graphics.

Main features:

Open world to explore
Faster, more dynamic gameplay from Google Play
PVP system open and separated by regions on the map
Possibilities to create your items through the Forge
Missions/Quests to help in the initial evolution of the character
Create groups to hunt as a team
Face bosses with unique mechanics
Various skins to customize your character and weapons
Amazing sound effects, ambience and background music
Multiplatform, play on your PC or mobile using the same account

Join a super active community, there are more than 2000 people on Discord.

Eternal Quest draws inspiration from other 2D RPG games online, such as Tibia, Rucoy, Kakele, Sword of Legacy, Laurum, Runescape and Ragnarok.


Eternal Quest user reviews :

Eh, I like the combat, but it feels a bit generic overall. The quests so far have all been kill X monsters, you talk to the NPCs once and don’t even return to them after finishing their quests. The art in the character selection is very pretty, but the actual in game sprites are all kinda the same with different colors and barely resemble said character art, while not being pixelated enough to justify it. Will keep playing a while to see if the story goes somewhere interesting.
  • Xtreaming Games
  • Hello, first, thank you so much for your review. About the pixel art and gameplay, the game is still kind new and I’m a solo indie developer, so it will improve over time. Thank you again for your review, I’m glad you liked the combat

Really fun old school mmo game, an I’m happy to say that the game doesn’t fill your screen with Pay screen because iv had enough with mobile mmo games that does that, So far as iv seen it’s very Friendly to F2P players. I look forward to more updates

Super MMO with tons of potential. If you like old school style RPGs and MMO games then this is ideal. The game works very well on mobile and performance is great. Windows could be more mobile friendly (perhaps full screen) as sometimes they open off centre or to large for screen.

Just like 95% of all RPGs released on the store today, the purpose is clearly to make money. Why waste your time on a “free” game that deliberately makes things inconvenient? You could go play a different free RPG that doesn’t force you to buy shop items.

Game is great so far so good. liking the skill lvling system. Hopefully in time the game will expand even more. Needs more places to hunt more quests and more items Keep the work up and ill keep supporting

I havnt even played yet just wanted to say this . All of you fools dropping negative comments and ratings over a log in issue or a bug needs to open your eyes and possibly do some reaserch such as looking at recent reviews when you have an issue and see just maybe your not the only one having problems. By hard rating an app with 1 stars over a fixable bug is pure ignorance. Because 90% of you throw a tantrum and delete the app leaving a poor review. (Creating account now)

The game is great everything about it is good But i only got one problem I play for 2 or 3 minutes then the game lags and stop responding and after that the whole phone stop responding So its really unplayable i hope you fix this issue
  • Xtreaming Games
  • Hello Dark, I am sorry you are experiencing this issue, I will investigate this based on your phone model and try to fix, alright? Thank you so much for the review and have a great day

It takes a minute to get into then hooks you. I’m really liking it…Gives me kind of an old Runescape vibe. Give it a shot!

So far this review being my opion I so far like this game. The 4 star review I am giving is because I feel it still needs some work, but I also feel the dev is passionate enough to get this to a sure 5 star. The game itself is simple, also crafting dependent for gear as I only seen gear from some quests outside of crafting. Also the community in game and in discord are friendly from what I experianced so far.

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