European War 5 – Seize the cities of the enemy and collect resources

[Game] European War 5 – Empire

European War 5  Across 2000 years, more than 150 major historical battles

World conquests through 6 eras with over 100 great generals
22 world civilizations, 90 military units

Empire Mode

Commander! You are about to build a great empire
Your empire will experience 6 ages and explore 2000 years of history
As the empire expands, there are a variety of tasks to be explored
Seize the cities of the enemy and collect resources to build your own
Hire generals in the tavern and pursue beautiful princesses from different countries
Trade in the market, defend the frontier, and defeat the invading generals
Collect all sorts of materials and grow your empire to a new age

Battle Mode

Fight 150 great battles and experience 6 ages including the Classical Age, the Medieval Age, the Empire Age, the Discovery Age, the Gunpowder Age and the Industrial Age.
Follow the conquering journeys of great kings such as Alexander, Genghis Khan, Caesar, and Barbarossa

World Conquest

Conquer the world in 6 ages
Exercise your power to develop economy, declare wars or establish diplomatic relations with other countries
Meet various influential events during your conquering journey
Upgrade the age and recruit different armies and generals
Princesses have different talents, they will promote the development of the empire
Show your diplomatic skills form an alliance, declare wars or stay neutral

European War 5 user reviews :

Please change the Calvary car unit into tank or anything just to make it more cooler in industrial age also don’t forget Artillery and the Infantry is ok to me and range but please fix all hard levels and the conquest map is small and other countries are not join in the game

A great strategy game with lots of heroes to collect. I like having to rank heroes up. I just wish medals were easier to get. I enjoy the difficulty of the game but the AI that plays for you in Empire auto battles is just terrible most of the time because it often throws your heroes to get flanked or attack a target that counters the hero. Again this is all random but what are the odds though. .maybe I’m just unlucky all the time in the game. The AI is only thing I would change about the game.

Probably my top favorite amongst the European war series in terms of gameplay, especially on the conquer world and campaign. Giving it 3 stars because i am royally pissed at the auto battle maps on the Empires. The AIs are so stupid. Doesnt even protect the archers or seiges, dosent even put the general’s skills to its fullest potential. Should atleast put an option on auto play, or just scrap the whole concept, or improve the AI. There is no strategy, and so stupid to just watch a simulation…

well this game is great love the strategical game play you can’t make one wrong move or its all over, thats what i will about this i also like thw fact you get some of the finest generals around and conquest mode is so good, i also like the campaign really good and strategical as well same with Empire mode. but the problem is tryna get literature thay stuff is really hard to get plus i don’t want to pay for it, I’m in Empire age ready to move on but I can’t considering i a lot of literature

This game is super hard that what I love about it. This game make you think about your next move and trust me one wrong move and it could cost you the war. People say it a pay to advance game but I don’t believe so. You just have to train you’re troops give them good equipment I’m in age 3 and I can tell you I did not pay for anything and I’m moving along in the game just find. But it super hard just the way I like it.

Great game but third mission under Son of Scotland is broken. Already defeated Edward and the general in the Southeast and destroyed that castle in the north but it still not a victory, I can’t see what the 4th objective is and William Wallace commits suicide by jumping straight into the enemy before I can find the 4th objective.

Amazing! Definitely prefer it over your other war games, especially with the graphics, there so much more vibrant! Edit: for all the people whining that it’s in chinese….look at the picture of the flag….and look at the preview of, do they look chinese!

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