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Ever Adventure  Welcome, Warriors,

Ever Adventure is a light, side-scrolling Multiplayer Online RPG experience unlike any other.
Welcome to a long-forgotten world: Tessarim. Blessed by the Creator, it was the birthplace of many races, from the smallest fairies to the mightiest dragons.
Ancient wars between the High Elves and the Demons shattered the world long ago.
It is said that the current dwellers on Tessarim are their offspring.
There are various locations like Dusk Forest, Redridge Plain, Winter Dale, Quicksand Bay, etc.
As for you, my friend, bear in mind that big things start out small.

You may be nobody in the beginning… but as long as you keep moving forward, you just might be fated to enter the annals of history, and carve your legend into tapestry of this world.

Travel with the greatest adventurers ever.
Bask in the glory of gorgeous landscapes and biomes ever. Meet the most intimate friends ever.
Slay the mightiest monsters ever.
Be part of the most epic wars ever.
Save the world from the most dangerous enemies ever.
Faith, Fame, Fortune, Love, Valor…
Whatever you are seeking, the answer lies in your journey ahead.
Set sail, my friend. We wish you all the best.

Side-Scrolling Adventure world
Ever Adventure is a light Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game of meticulous design. Prairies, mountains, sands, deserts and bays. Every grass has its unique sketching.

Explore the Vast Lands
Ever Adventure offers a beautiful world full of great stories, exciting adventures, bountiful loots, epic battles, and comradery. A place where you can do what you’ve never done before and give rise your own legend. Amazing mounts, countless treasure troves, mysterious legacies of the ancients scattered around the vast lands with lurking danger waiting to ambush in every nook and cranny you might come across. Every journey holds a new tale..

Customize Your Skills
From damage dealers to crowd controllers; from impenetrable tanks to frenzied berserkers; from divine healers to shadowy assassins every class possess a surfeit of diverse and incredible talents honed towards absolute synergy and balance of gameplay. This is the adventure you’ve always wanted.

Fantastic Beasts
Customizable skills, rare companions, magical mounts, valuable formulas, diverse skins, funny toys, and collectables: all overflowing with personality.

Monster Hunting
Mortarbot, Lycna Rugalf, Thorminion, Lord of Thunder, Undead Mage, Siege Tortoise…. Dozens of powerful bosses and countless epic battles await you. Are you and your comrades ready?

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Ever Adventure user reviews :

This has been a fun game so far. It’s easy to play and has cute artwork. My only issue, which is the reason I rate this lower, is the constant network instability. Please fix this, it really disrupts the game. EDIT: The efforts to fix the network issues do appear to have helped. There’s still a few noticable blips, but it has greatly improved and I have adjusted my rating accordingly.
  • Perfect World Games
  • Hi There, please switch to different 4G/WIFI networks and clean up some device memory, then try again :D Also we will keep optimizing our server condition in near future. Please stay tuned to App store to get know our game info.

Good graphics and good class choices. I don’t care for the two companions given in game. Just 1 companion with the class of my choice would have been cool. I understand I can unlock more companions, but the first could be the player’s choice. Also, daily quests can be events that aren’t active, that’s only a slight nuisance though. Edit: after a week, the game is fun and engaging. 5 stars!

I really enjoy the game, until I can’t. There is a daily cap on battle xp. So what that means is, once you reach a certain amount of experience you have to wait until the next day to gain more. You do not have to stop completing task, but anything battle related is capped. As well as the 3 chest per event a day which also has a storage cap of 6 I believe.
  • Perfect World Games
  • Thanks for your feedback. We’ll have a discussion and try to make improvements for what you think inappropriate in the future. Your suggestion is what we need, please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions. Thank you for so much concern.
Very fun to play. The graphics are great, and the controls are easy to use. Everything about this game screams World of Warcraft, and I don’t know how Perfect World managed to get away with stealing Blizzard’s designs. lol Anyway, it’s fun and you should definitely give it a try.
  • Perfect World Games
  • WOW! Thanks for your support and we appreciate it. Enjoy and have fun!

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