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Evernote HelloEvernote Hello helps you remember everyone you meet.

Remembering people is hard. Evernote Hello makes it easy.

Whether you’re meeting someone for the first time, trying to remember a person’s name, or recalling important aspects of a previous encounter, Evernote Hello is here to help. Here’s how:

– See the faces of everyone you have met in a beautiful mosaic layout
– View a history of all the encounters you’ve had with individuals
– Remember all aspects of your meetings: location, notes, photos, and faces
– Tie Evernote Hello to LinkedIn to create fast, rich profiles
– See notes related to your encounters that are in your Evernote account

There are three easy ways to bring the people you meet into Evernote Hello:

– Create a quick profile and snap their photo
– Pull in their information from your address book
– Allow them to enter their contact information

It’s up to you.

Say goodbye to business cards and forgetting people with Hello.

Evernote Hello is part of the Evernote family of product, which are designed to help you remember everything.

User Reviews:

I am a big fan of Evernote; but it’s tough to keep client notes organized. Hello makes it so much easier.

Cool idea. I’m very bad in remembering people. This would save me from embarrassment.

Registration is impossible, but was able to get in with my regular Evernote login. Not much flexibility in customizing contacts, no differentiation between home and cell numbers. Sure, it can sync with Twitter and Linkedin, but NO Facebook!?! Seriously??? Oh, and just found out that when you add a contact, the app automatically TEXTS the person added. Unacceptable, uninstalled and reported to Google as an abusive app. Too bad, since the Evernote app is really good. This is appalling.

Don’t think this is for customer-centric jobs only. Even if you need to just remember some of the parents on your kid’s little league team just for one season, this is a great way to do it without clogging up your address book. I think I will end up using this much more than I had anticipated.

I love Evernote, but Hello is actually bad right now. Contacts are forced to enter an email address. There should be a “skip” option there (some people don’t even have email; others won’t give it out at first). We can see people again and use this to remember them without needing their email address (students, acquaintances at a bar, etc.) Also, there needs to be a keyword field (place, class name, mutual friend’s name, etc.) for the contact to enter in the process, not just for me later. As it is now, some of my contacts would not enter their name due to the email requirement. Facebook should obviously be an optional field as well. G+ too.


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