Evolution Galaxy – Discover all the mysteries of galaxy

[Game] Evolution Galaxy – Mutant Creature Planets

Evolution Galaxy    You’ve helped countless mutant creatures evolve in water, land and space. Now, it’s time to go GALACTIC and use the power of the monster maker 2.9!

This is Evolution like you’ve never seen before in a space game simulator!

From the beginning, sent your creativity to space in this engrossing clicker game and become the greatest mutant maker.

Have fun in this charming space game simulator and discover all the mysteries of galaxy. And when you find planets inhabited by different mutant creatures, use the technology known throughout the space as monster maker 2.9 to combine them to achieve their ultimate forms in a new kind of Evolution simulator game!

Enjoy the geniality of an evolution simulator and the easiness of a clicker gamer and merge many different animal species in an ever-expanding universe!

And after tamperi…er…helping with the progression of so many worlds in this space game, you, as a mutant maker master in the use of the monster maker 2.9, will finally find out the answer of a very old question: what’s beyond the galaxies in the universe? We honestly have no clue, but there will be a clicker game for that too!


Different planets in a vast space game simulator: use the monster maker 2.9 technology to combine mutant creatures in fox, rabbit and sloth-themed worlds, with even more coming to inhabit this fun space game!

Meet the gods in space: in this r-Evolucion-ary click gamer, beings of galactic awesomeness are waiting to be discovered by a creative mutant maker like yourself!

Impostors: watch out for impostors trying to steal the spotlight from the creatures!


Drag and drop similar creatures to create new mysterious mutants and be recognized as the ultimate mutant maker in this space game.

Use creature eggs to earn coins, buy new creatures and make even more money to explore the space and unleash all the power of the monster maker 2.9 technology

Alternatively, fiercely tap a creature to make coins pop from their eggs. It’s the fun of a clicker game within an involving space game!


A fun space game with different stages

Many creature species to discover so you can become the greatest mutant maker in space

An space game simulator with a mind-blowing story and fantastical twists!

The unexpected mix of dynamics from a creature evolution simulator and the incremental from a clicker games

Doodle-like illustrations that make this evolution simulator even more immersive

Evolution simulator with open ended gameplay: enjoy the freedom!

No creatures combined with the power from the monster maker 2.9 were harmed in the making of this game, only developers

Did you say helping the galaxy evolve is a cheesy dream?

Well that’s a very MILKY WAY to look at things, young one!

Use the monster maker 2.9 technology and expand the number of creatures living in this constantly evolving space game!

Evolution Galaxy user reviews :

I think game itself is pretty good, but there are a lot of ads which makes it kind of hard to enjoy when half the time your seeing ads. You can go into airplane mode, but you cant get any extra rewards because the game makes you watch an ad for them. Dimands are kind of rare, and I doubt smaller kids playing this will know to save up. This is only a problem because they’re really important to progress in the game. (I would go on about how it crashes all the time but I don’t have enough space)

Ok. I gotta say. This game gets boring really quick. After you unlock a new planet, it gets boring. Too many ads for boring games (Demo ads mostly) and WHY do you have to BUY almost every fun thing? Want a fun color pallet? You gotta waste 15 diamonds for it!! Its really hard to earn gems, and complete quests!!The use of emoticons ( :(, >:(, :), Ect) are just a cheap way of begging and pleading, and just another way of guilt-tripping the player.

The games good, I know because I’ve played it before, but the game works on my tablet and not my phone. I open the app and then it randomly closes. Same with all your other games. Nevermind, if it did the same for you just click “I disagree” at the beginning when you first start. Nope, that didn’t work. Fix your game please.

it’s very addictive but the mandatory ads are a major turn off for the game and will likely lead me to uninstall the game soon. I’m ok with offering ads to earn rewards and will watch them but when I choose not to take the ad and you show one anyway it takes me out of the game and makes me realize I could spend my time better on other games.

So i kept playing so much and on and on its really great game! That you can play minigame and use your own pet to breed but aka alien or what xD i choosed a fox cuz ita my fav and the self bunny pop out and click it, you can earn money so much! Its hella awsome :D this is why i gave 5 star. Its amazing! Keep it work bud!

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