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EZPZ Saga  This game is still on OPEN BETA. Your suggestions are very important to us. Please feel free to contact Official Fanpage if you have any idea to share ;)

EZPZ Saga is an idle RPG with autofight and storytelling. Your squad will combat in the frontline nonstop and earn endless treasure for you, in the background of an epic multi-ethnic universe! Step into this fanciful world, glory and wealth await here!

Gain>>>Offline Autofight, Online Gain fortune

Start or stop at will, set up your squad, that’s all you need to do!
Your heroes will defeat enemies constantly whether you are online or not. Abundant rewards and experiences will be brought back, giving you surprises every time you log in! Don’t worry about the growing challenge, the difficulty will be reduced every day you wake up!

Immerse>>>Immersed in Grand Tales
Travel in time to this fantastic world with multi-ethnic stories!
The game producer used to be an internet writer. The epic world he created is a superior fiction with 150k characters, which delivering a unique and immersive gaming experience imperceptibly!

Assemble>>>Gather Heroes & Organize Tactics
100% gain all the SSS heroes without a penny!
Pick any legendary heroes as you like in this idle game full of RPG elements: upgrade characters, equipment selection, forge artifact, party coordinate, tactics election… Come to build your own super squad and sweep away the millions of enemy troops!

Live>>>PVP Meets Live Streaming
Join the latest PVP model! Be the one you want to be!
Choose to be the protagonist to duel fiercely or to be the audience to applaud thrillingly! Live chat system makes it easier for all the players to interact with each other in time, you can chat amusedly or ask for walkthroughs while playing!

Explore>>>Innovative Gameplays & Endless Novelty
Innovative gameplays make a fine figure!
Roguelike and idle are combined for the first time, bringing more tactical elements and novelties! Simulation, teaming, homeland farming and more hidden functions could be found as long as you go deep into the game, providing totally different gaming experiences every single day!

Background Story

In 6700 of the Luminous Era a great war erupted on the Revelation Plane. Decades after Shepherd Pontifex Adam summoned the Sinners and Wrathful Patriarch Samuel laid waste to the three armies, the Shepherds finally bared their fangs. Fel Legions lead by Sinners marched out of their base in Everness, proceeding west where they destroyed the Elementals of Magic Valley, befouling the holy land once guarded by the god Arcana and transforming the Elementals into Lava Giants, Nightmares and other demonic creatures. The Sinner Legions then turned south and headed straight for Dragon Valley…

For more information:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/EZPZSaga
Discord: discord.gg/8TpkQHT

EZPZ Saga user reviews :

Seems like a fun game. Controls are a little touchy, it’s kind of a pain to find the “sweet” spot on some of the buttons. The animations are nice and it seems to have an auto complete function that I’m not sure how to activate. But now I have a login issue but I think it may be from the server maybe crashing, it’s day 1 for the game. I think I’d maybe like it there weren’t these issues

Decent idle game. Whenever I try to view a character’s skill, the little chibi tutorial character keeps prompting me to “enhance the skill” even though it’s already enhanced. I can’t read the skill description because she keeps blocking the text and she doesn’t go away no matter what I do. Very frustrating since I don’t know which characters have better skills than others. Please fix this.

The game play is 6 vs 6 auto battle and is not bad. Each unit / character has a personality as well as likes and dislikes when it comes bonding. Bonding with them grants them stat boosts which help them in battle. The graphics and art are great. The music especially takes the cake. It’s insane on how off the chain the music is. The composer should get a raise. Immediately.

Wow there is so little to do. You don’t have control of much. Also the controls suck. I was trying to move the person in the back forward and it just doesn’t work. Awful tutorial, but the game could be fixed.

I love this game, it’s very addicting and fun, the graphics and quality of the heroes and background are amazing, it’s easy to play and very understandable, keep up the good work

I’m very enjoying this type of idle game, up spirit music and very interesting story. I love it!

Bro this game is so lit! i love the graphics and the characters are so damn awesome! I’m not gonna lie that this is one of the most amazing game that i ever play! good job

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