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Facebook MessengerFacebook Messenger — a faster way to message.

Text your friends for free. Get Facebook Messenger to instantly
reach friends on their smart phones, feature phones or desktop

In addition to sending free texts, you can also:

Message friends and contacts.
Get started fast ‹ log in with your Facebook account, or just use your
phone number
Send photos, smileys and other emoji
Get push notifications

Make plans on the go with social messaging features.
Message a friend or start a group conversation
Include your location to let friends know you’re nearby

Chat and receive SMS messages.
Swipe left to see who’s available to chat
See your SMS and Facebook messages together in the app ‹ currently only
available on some phones

Messenger does all this using your existing data plan.

Facebook Messenger user reviews :

Thumbs up for the really cool new voice message feature. Perfect for when you don’t want to call someone at 3am but want to leave them something more personal than a typed message. I still don’t get why the facebook messenger functions can’t be incorporated into the facebook app… it seems redundant to have to have both apps.

Can we have quick reply to messages where when u click on the notification it takes u to a screen where you just put in ur message instead of always having to open the app and when will facebook to video calls or audio calls messages come on facebook listen to the users Update is very good adding voice messages cant wait for voice calls can you add this feature to your facebook app for aduio posts then both apps will be five star

Last Update March 16, 2016 :

Shoot Some Hoops: Want to see what’s hiding behind the basketball emoji in Messenger? Just send one and tap to find out!

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