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[Game] Fanatical Football

Fanatical Football  Fanatical Football delivers the #1 realistic football experience to date on Android. Pick and lead your team through exhibition and season matches all the way to final victory!

Fanatical Football makes you feel the pulse of the NFL season. Build your team and run the show on offense and defense with new and improved touch controls and game modes! Score touchdowns by running, passing, and making big hits on D with intuitive tap and swipe controls. Thanks to immersive graphics and sounds, enjoy revamped crowd and environmental effects, making your Football experience more authentic than ever!

Game Features:
Awesome graphics featuring you with incredibly detailed players in the most impressive setting ever seen
Quick Game mode and Championship mode
Build and upgrade your team and equip special power-ups

Fanatical Football user reviews :

This is the best fanatical football I’ve ever played. Awesome, wonderful. I enjoyed every minute spent competing with other players. But please my issue is update it so that players can pass the ball to another player when you’re with the ball and please add more championship tournament in the app and different stadium’s and not playing in one stadium all the time. Thanks. I recommend this app to every user on play store and app store. it’s good and makes you happy. Pls look in my issue.

Good game–I love the 3D “Up close and personal” perspective, not found in many games and the perspective is outstanding. No obtrusive ads, I feel overall, it is nicely done and as an ex school player (we won a state sectional championship when I played in 72 as a center and on special teams), I enjoy the special memories and overall feel of this, quite surprising and well animated, sports game.

1. able to turn while sprinting. 2. Being able to dive for touchdown/first down. 3. Being able to choose run d/pass d on defense. 4. Being able to move immediately after the ball is snapped especially on pass plays when you play d because there is no chance to pick it of force an incompletion. 5. option to move your player with a joystick. 6. Give the option to punt. 7. Make moving around with the qb to run for yardage an option 8. Easier to look at wr with qb during play

Very nice game I’m loving keep it up but there are some little issues that need to be fixed but I guarantee you download this game football fantasy beautiful

It’s a big game at first but then it just gets boring you have to have 4,000 gems to buy anything but the worst part of all whenever they dive for you and they’re not even close to you but they tackle you

This game is so good but they is one problem . The problem is you can’t pass the ball and this is not talking it is Tumelo

this game is awesome, but whenever i go through the championship games, on the last game for the champion, i cant tackle, i hit them and they dont fall down

Very good controls for the game it’s simple very nice gameplay and runs smoothly along with nice graphics

The controls of the players are touchy but other then that it is fun it is a awesome it keeps me entertained when im at lunch at school lol

The game is fun… and plus the graphics are awesome and it’s a bit challenging

It’s an ok game I had it for a couple of years now their is a few problems like the controls

Fun, but still figuring out how to work the controls. LoL!

I wish you add achievements with rewards ex. perform a hundred dives,kicks etc.

This game is like madden but in madden the game play is better but on the other hand this game is amazing

Very simple but it preoccupies the time plus it dosent crash alot so a plus enjoy

Good game but you can’t play with controller

Super fun love the game super realistic too really recommend

Bad, I hate how you have to move ur screen to look around I litteraly lost because of that fix your game bozo!

i played this on samsung and it was insane you should try it everyone.

I like this and it is very good game I love this game it is very penstar it is very fantastic I love game and I give you the 5 star

I have been playing this game for a long time and its so fun if u guys are looking for a football game to play then this is for you i play football in realy life im a boy and i play qb and i love this football game its so fun everybody needs to get this

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