Fantastic Cats – Discover all of their Fantastic Behaviors

[Game] Fantastic Cats

Fantastic Cats  People say that liquid cats and alien cats are just a made up theory.

However, we are here to show you the truth about how magnificent these cats are.
You don’t need agile or tremendous control of your thumb, etc. Not even persistence!!

Watch yourself become a World Renowned Blogger as you sit back and relax.
The cats will help you connect with others and vice versa.
Then, in the future you could become known as the ‘Fantastic Cats’ blogger!

Now… Shall we start our journey to blog about these ‘Fantastic Cats’?!~

Feel uplifted through the ‘fun and relaxing’ content.
You can enjoy it at your own pace. You can appreciate it even if you connect for just a short time daily!
But of course, you can also play for many hours without getting tired~

More than 36 different breeds of charming street cats!
Discover all of their Fantastic Behaviors. Cherish their cute animations.

Daily Objectives
Every day there are 3 daily missions to complete and the amazing rewards are just extra perks~!

Popular Blogger
Every day at midnight, the photos of the cats will be automatically uploaded to the in-game blog.
Check how many cats visited and how many Fantastic Behaviors you’ve discovered at a glance.
Earn more revenue as more people subscribe to your blog!

How to play
Leave food or snacks for the cats.
Of course place some toys for them also.
Then just sit back and watch!

Access Permission Information

Optional Access Permission
Gallery(Photos) : Permission is required to upload a profile picture, or to save a screenshot of the game.

How to withdraw permission
You can change the settings in ‘Device Settings > Applications > Fantastic Cats > Permissions’.

Fantastic Cats user reviews :

Love this game! Cats & their behaviors are adorable! Im a serious player and all my cats/items are complete except for the ones in the last update. The addition of a sixth cat (Luna) on only the mint cookie (when every other item has, at most, 5 cats in common) is wrong, especially when I’ve tracked every item/cat comprehensively. Some older items still only have 4 associated cats (ie: heart balloon, magic broom etc.) There is now no way to track the cat’s items logically, to finish them.
  • DazzlePlay Inc.
  • Thank you for your valuable review. 1. Update the game. 2. If the problem is still not solved, login SNS and reinstall. Have fun with Fantastic Cats. Thank you.

This game is absolutely amazing! <3 But there are a few problems. 1) I don’t get any messages from cats, and I have lots of cats that are more than level 1. 2) My name doesn’t save. I write my name and go out of the game, then when I come back it is just ‘unnamed’. 3) I cannot link to Google Play. I just press on ‘Link’ it says ‘Welcome’ and nothing happens! (Ps. I am Russian so it is still a bit hard for me to write reviews) Thank you!

I love it! The cats are super adorable. I wish we can upgrade to have more spaces for packages the cats leave us.

This game is awesome. Cute cats, adorable behaviours, no obnoxious ads. It’s just sublime and I love it.

I think this is a really fun app but you want to wait a while to get money sometimes BUT I LOVE IT

I absolutely LOVE this game! It has no ads, very few in game purchases, and CUTE CATS!! This is a casual game where yiu use different toys to fihd out what cats do when you are not around. Some people think it is boring but it is not a game you play all day, yu just kinda check in every once in a while. I rate this a 5 stars!!!

I love the app! And the cats are adorable too. But I have to wait for some reason ;-;” but still cool

Very good cat collection game. I do like it a lot because it is quite like Neko Atsume but has some things I direly missed from that game: CLOUD SAVE, thank you! And a lot more features, functions, and better functionality. For examples pictures take automatically so you don’t constantly miss cats if you don’t have time to constantly check in and what not. Only downside: Currency is SO MUCH HARDER to come by, and worse still, no free cat food which I think is essential to prevent players to completely run out of money. After all no cat food means no cats means no money to afford cat food with, see what I mean? Please add free cat food and it will be “purrfect” !

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