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[Game] Fashion Girl

Fashion Girl    Are you a passionate fashion lover?

Do you want to feel yourself as a fashion stylist and create your own styles?

“Fashion Girl” will help you choose hairstyles for the model, choose clothes from different categories, match them with shoes and accessories. Select a hairstyle, then a top, a bottom or a dress, then add accessories, such as earrings, necklaces, bags, and much more! Create stylish and glamorous looks for the model, save it as a wallpaper and show it to your friends!

We have added a new makeup category! Now you can also show your makeup skills!

We are going to add more fancy clothes with unique designs! Try “Fashion Girl”, leave a comment with your suggestions and wait for new clothes that are going to be updated constantly!

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Fashion Girl user reviews :

I like the game alot it is one of my favorite fashion games but the only thing I would want to change is all the stuff that needs ads are at the bottom so you can look through the free stuff first if the people who made the game could change that that would be great and I would rate it 5 stars

I mean this game it is pretty nice i just love designs they are amazing lijust wow . I wanted to be a fashion designer when i grow up and this is a great inspiration to me

I have all these fashion games and I luv it the clothes shoes hats love it lol love the clothes

It is amazing but you should add some things to the game likecthe girl getting a boyfriend cand they wentvtova fashion show hey won and theycgot married and they are still having a competion of a wedding and they have kids. …

I give it a 4 star because u need to buy shirts and clothes by watching ads but it is a great game

This app so great my baby girl likes it much but she said put more Jean jacket and swimming costume

very very nice game and on game we have more clothes very nice game

This game is fun and please add more

It has so many options of clothes love it

Tried a bunch of these fashion games and I like this one the most

I love this game has a big variety of clothes to choose from I would like a bit more hair and makeup but I do think it is great I also think if you added a new piece of clothing every week or two weeks it would be great even if it was just a replica of another piece of clothing in a different color of if it was longer or shorter great game all together

The graphics are simplistic but there’s a lot of clothes & accessories to choose from, which is fun. I also like that this one is head to toe. Some are cropped which isn’t as much fun.

This is the best game I like to dress up because it shows I think I like

It’s nice to have such dresses in large amount , but the lips are at collar bones and when I do makeups the eyeshadow comes at nose …plz look after this , I’m not able to play ..on the other hand this game is

It is the best game ever I love it you have some much to choose and the dresses are amazing but they should add more coats hair and makeup

This game is really fun i like the clothes but what could change are the ads every single 10sec i have an ad and it gets anoing after a while but other then that its really fun.

I love this game it has so much new stuff and so much good fasihon

Hello everybody, i was just going to say that thos is a game for some kids to play. What you do is just decorate your person and put a backround and i guess that’s it. So my sister loves’s the games so 5 stars

It would be a good game if there wasn’t an ad every 10 seconds, not just when you want to unlock a clothing item.
  • NaKo Games
  • Hi Alex, Please check the latest update in the store

Amazing game, many options, but the thing is that there should be for each hair color many hairstyles

it is good for my time pass it’s dresses are very pretty I hope they should have some new faces and some creativity in it

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