Fate The One – Stop the evil forces from destroying the world

[Game] Fate The One

Fate The One  In this old-school RPG, time and space have been torn apart.

Heroes from throughout history have been brought to a new era, along with you. It is up to you to stop the evil forces at work from destroying the world and re-writing history. But be careful…you don’t know who you can trust and who is secretly out to get you!

Meet, befriend, and battle with heroes of the ages, from Caesar to Robin Hood. You must fight for good and stop the evil forces from tearing our world apart at the seams!
Face your destiny and try to keep history from being re-written.

Character customization
Hundreds of items, weapons, character customizations, and more create for a wonderful new world of adventure. Customize your character, level up, and conquer evil every step of the way!

Collect as many heroes as you can to aid you in your adventures. Each hero comes with their own unique attributes, strengths, and weaknesses. Create teams that work well together to take on the toughest opponents around the world.

Game Content
Battle through an epic storyline for the ages, as well as with people around the world in different battle modes such as: Arena, Expedition, Dungeons, and The Tower Of Destiny!
Endless adventures and battles await you!

Strategic Combats
This turn-based RPG uses various elements and other magical phenomenon to truly increase the difficulty of battling your way through endless demons, monsters, and other players. Whether you win or lose is entirely up to you – so prepare your team of heroes carefully, less you be defeated!

Meet and play with other players from around the world. Help each other out, backstab, undermine, and go to war with one another. Our guild system allows players to group together to assist each other and share in the spoils of war. Don’t go it alone, if you know what’s good for you!

Prove your power – you won’t be alone!

Facebook: facebook.com/fatetheone/
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Fate The One user reviews :

Well, i think the game is hard but not impossible.It is p2w, i mean patience to win,potential to win.Paying only for very easy mode.I wish to cotract with developers in facebook, so they can help me if any problem occurs.I am waiting.I am playing this for a week and in chapter 4 without any problem. I am a new player and expecting a friendly behaviour from developers to win and enjoy the game for a long time. Please help everybody. I do not want delete the game.
  • Minusmobile
  • Hi Chosen One, Thx a lot for ur feedback,if u have any questions u can contact service[at]minusmobile.com,always glad to help u

The game was amazing…at first. Now it’s nearly impossible to get anywhere. Obtaining heroes will noticeably take an extremely long time unless you pay to get gems to draw numerous times. Chapters became extremely hard to get 3 starts way to early on. Its only been a short play. So much potential. I don’t see this game flourishing anytime soon unless things are much more balanced. I will definitely play this again without hesitation if it’s much more balanced and not another PTW title.

So far I can see potential, combat is very straightforward in which each characters and monsters take turn attacking and using skills. Elements have been introduced in which damage advantage and disadvantage occurs. Character art is quiet pleasant and the variety so far is great. So far it’s been great and looking to see how it goes in the future
  • Minusmobile
  • Hi Henry, thanks for feedback,you knew it ,this game is for you
3/5 star….Its quite good Tbh but main problem is its definitely p2w..why? most gear are so expensive pull rate is ok but still low 2 S-class = 100pulls…also there is no way you can get gears without paying 3600 gems/dias or luckily have a random spawn on Arena store except if its the free give on your newbie quest …. Gameplay wise its ok.. But for F2p factor nope.grinding this make almost every thing difficult…although good game not recomended if you just want to have fun playing.
  • Minusmobile
  • Hi Chosen One, thanks so much for your feedback,i have some tips if u are still playing,1.while u keep playing,in the middle u can get fragments from elite with that u can synthesis at least 2 s heroes for free,while u keep going ,the tower of destiny give u gears,in the game i dont suggest to pay attention on heroes but fragments
Gorgeous game, engaging combat that takes a bit of thought and creativity, responsive cs. There are things artificially slowing progess like the daily limit on elemental ruin runs and and the team score requirements to continue progressing through the campaign that if removed would instantly make the grind feel a great deal more acceptable. Aside from that all this game needs is more content and more players.
  • Minusmobile
  • Hi Brad, Thanks for your feedback, yes more modes is most important,have you opened ancient battlefield and mining area?it will be more fun, so far u can get summons from normal/elite levels、quests and ruins

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