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FEI Equestriad World Tour  FEI Equestriad World Tour is a family-friendly experience that delivers a fun, realistic portrayal of the equestrian 3-day eventing sport of exciting show-jumping, cross-country & dressage competitions.

From your own country stables, we guide players through the basics of equine riding mastery. Once you have mastered certain equine skills in qualifying events, you will progress to the officially licensed 5* star Badminton, Burghley and Kentucky horse trial events as well as the Australian International 3DE event, where you will be evaluated on timing, control and even rider and horse appearance.

With the endorsement of the Federation Equestre International, the world governing body for all equestrian sports, GoGallop, the FEI and its top partner Longines lending its name to this newest eSeries addition, GoGallop has released the Shanghai leg in the first of four virtual events that will form the Longines eJumping World Tour 2021. As players move up on the global game leaderboard they unlock challenges and rewards in the game, adding ribbons and trophies to their in-game display cabinet.
The Jumping events in the fantasy venues of Sydney, New York and Paris will round off the eSeries World Tour, with gamers able to compete against each other for their place on the virtual Longines eJumping World Tour Rankings.

FEI Equestriad World Tour user reviews :

This game has so many issues that the devs apparently refuse to fix. You can’t fully train your horse, even if you PAID REAL MONEY FOR IT. The competitions are completely unfair. No matter how well you perform it doesn’t matter, the placings are seemingly random. If there are any tied scores? You’re always last of them. Everyone completed show jumping with 0 penalties? You’re time didn’t matter, you’re still last even if someone was slower than you. Very disappointing execution of this game.

It’s a very nice game with lots of potential, BUT!! The outfits and tack are WAY TO EXPENSIVE! And to tier up is bloody slow…the highest I’ve gotten was tier 5, thats not fun, and at times it glitches so bad that it says i failed a jump when i made it or its makes me fail a jump by not jumping at all. I’ve noticed that theres alot of updates but no actually results of the bugs apparently being fixed. So please, fix it or I’m uninstalling this game real soon!

I had to change my rating because a few things. I do like this game, and I don’t mind the slow progress as much, BUT! It’s way too hard to tier up in the season pass! I’ve only ever gotten to about tier 5 after they “fixed” the bug where you can recollect the ‘reach so and so level’ every day. You should either bring that back, or bump up the points for each of the daily activities, right now it’s a nightmare. Also way too many items in the shop require gold shoes!

I think that after playing this game for awhile this game has lots of potential, but when playing the steering isn’t very good and it lags a lot. The outfits are WAY to expensive that cost like 500 golden horseshoes. And every time you compete your horses stats drop way to far back. The supply system isn’t good. And the AI players are way to good and it doesn’t give you a fair chance. I like the concept of the game but there’s a lot of things that could be done better.

My previous issue with grooming not working was fixed by uninstalling/reinstalling the game. Current issue is horse training sessions are not counting towards challenges, and when trying to view an ad to reset the challenge the game freezes. Overall it’s a fun game. There are too many loading screens and unnecessary button pushes (such as when purchasing supplies). AI is possibly too good or I’m getting worse…
  • GoGallop Studios
  • We are sorry to see you are having problems! The performance of the game is a priority for us and something we will continue to optimize. Thanks for your feedback. Regards, The GoGallop Team

Great game! However I am unable to claim any of the rewards under the challenges tab, ever time I click claim I get an error message stating problem occurred and to try later. This has been the case for the past 2 days and I have tried closing down the app and restarting my phone multiple times. Another issue is having the gold dot over all the tabs but there is nothing new to claim/select when I go into them?! So annoying! Please fix these issues!

The game is good, I wont lie. But there are some glaring issues. To start off, it takes so long just to level up. You get very little exp to get to the next level and it is beyond frustrating. Golden horseshoes are easily earned by leveing up but the problem is that since it takes so long just to level up it kinda takes forever. Adding onto this, the horse & rider tack is so expensive. Almost all of them require golden horseshoes and like I said previously it takes forever to get them.

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