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Feudal CombatFeudal Combat is a fighting video adapted from Inuyasha legend based on the Inuyasha manga, developed by Android and published by N Games on mobile, Samsung generation and Windows in 2017.
Feudal Combat was presented in the best game of the year by ANDROID -Feudal Combat is a true successor, aided by more than a year of targeted development.

Global production values ​​and vicious action brings Feudal Combat on par with the 3D console brawlers. The screens do not make Feudal Combat Justice – the fluid action must be seen at 60 frames per second.
Story mode :

In Story Mode, the player must choose to follow first Inuyasha’s, then Sango and Miroku, then Sesshomaru’s, and finally Shippo’s Chapter.

These consist of a series of battles interlaced with cut scenes illustrating a story. If the player is KO’d (knocked out) in one of these battles, a screen with the option to reattempt the last battle is available. If each of these stories is completed without the player getting KO’d even once, then a new character can be selected in “Battle”, “Practice”, and “Mission” modes as the player/partner. Those characters are:

Inuyasha’s chapter – Naraku
Sango/Miroku’s Chapter – Bankotsu
Shippo’s Chapter – Human Inuyasha
Sesshomaru’s Chapter – Demon Inuyasha

But looks alone will not wear a game – developers have listened to fans’ comments and improved the gameplay. With a new virtual d-pad, a dynamic camera, environmental puzzles, traps and vicious new enemies, Feudal Combat is a new experience for hack ‘n’ slash players on the go.

Inuyasha sent on a quest for revenge across the campaign burned by the war. From a fishing village to a flying fortress to the legendary island of the dead, Inuyasha will stop at nothing to drive away his arch-enemy Orochimu. Is he going to take revenge?


Intuitive virtual joystick ensures you to slice badly, do not slide the screen.

Dynamic camera finds the best perspective for each encounter, adding variety while keeping action-oriented.

Sections gentle, fast and bloody fight!
Battle hordes of enemies on the screen brandishing new weapons and sporting unique abilities.
Stay agile and plan your attacks – roll out of danger and eliminate enemies at a distance like the Ninja Archer before they can hit.

The enhanced game contains new features.
Solve environmental puzzles, avoid dangerous pitfalls, and discover useful things.
The fight is in motion – not to worry, the fighting never takes a back seat to the platform or fetch-quests.

The elements ? RPG reward skilled players – improve the health of Inuyasha, buy new attack combos and set devastating levels.

Between the levels, the magnificent anime-style cartoons tell the story of Inuyasha from the original hand-drawn illustration.

New survival mode puts inuyasha waves of enemies by giving hardcore players a scoring attack mode to refine their skills. Two games in one!

Soundtrack – soft music built with the heat of battle.

60 FPS only on compatible devices.

Feudal Combat user reviews :

It’s a great game. It just glitches way to much. I’m stuck on a level where there’s swinging objects that hurts you, and I can’t even see the objects because the game makes this disappear. Please fix this issue, I like this game alot.
  • devilapp February 24, 2017
  • non le jeux est tres bon , je pense que il faut frappe puis attend puis continue , le jeux ca marce bien. merci de votre avis.
This game is good for when you’re bored an wanna play a game. It could also use more characters like sango , miroku , kagome , shippo etc. And more inuyasha sounds , so you can get more of the actual anime feel. Other than that it’s a great game.
  • devilapp March 18, 2017
  • salut ,merci d’avoir installé mon jeux je veux mettre autre character et autre attaques prochainement . Merci de votre avis

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