FGTeeV SoundBoard – Make them laugh or prank them

[App] FGTeeV SoundBoard


Scare your friends and family, make them laugh or prank them using tons of free sounds and original content!

Voice clips from your favorite FGTeeV family members and characters like Duddy, Moomy, Lexi, Mike, Chase, Shawn, Oreo, Colonel Corn, Big Baby, Franklin Garfunkel, Gamer Brat, Baggo Beans, Raptain Hook, Derpy Bacon, Postal Jenkins, Neil, mEGGz, and Funnel Boy!

Listen to your favorite FGTeeV family members and characters at any time!
Add favorite sounds for quick access.
Adjust pitch and echo to change sounds and voice clips.

FGTeeV SoundBoard user reviews :

My son loves this app but only 3 stars from me as he has autism and goes to school via taxi and uses his phone in the car to help with personal regulation. He just phoned from the taxi having a breakdown as he purchased the app on my phone but we just discovered that even when you purchase all sound packs it doesn’t work across all devices.. so stressed out guys.

Fun and entertaining but when you put everything in the middle and daddy laughing it sound like Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls and it’s pretty creepy and I wouldn’t do it but I just wanted to see what happened and it’s a I want download it if I were you but just don’t do what I did please unless you want to be scarred

Love the youtube but one thing everytime I press a sound it gets me a ad and I cant press the x its stuck on the ad please fix

Super fun for kids and adults who love FGTeeV. I just wish when you purchased the universe of sounds/voices, you could get the full version across all of your devices.

This is soooooo good!!! You have sooo many sounds one bad thing tho the price…plz I wish this game did not have in app purchases…

Yo I can’t believe my favorite YouTuber created another app the app is good but I wish that the packs or the other voices were unlocked already for a better way to have fun but it’s a cool app but wishing everything is unlocked

I like the game it keeps going to ads and it never plays the ads it’s kind of creeping me out so could you fix that

This a really good game. There are different sounds and much more. Good job FGTEEV From: ZunairaBashar I am a huge fan.

I’ve been watching since let and Mike were little im 12 and this is nice. I can mess around with the voice pitches and I laughed so hard!

Like it, but it sucks you have to buy more voices, It would be cool if you played the games (like ape chase and goozy) and gave you voices on the app as achievements

The sounds are pretty funny but I just don’t like how you can’t unlock some of them and how they are locked and unlocked

This soundboard is awsome!! But the reason I’m eating this a 4 star is I want Mike’s voiclines one of them to be I praise the almighty jemus! And that would be awsome!

I Love this app so much funny voices and its so fun because every time im down and mad it makes my day a lot better

This is a fun game where you can mess around and play and troll you can do like more updates and I can have more fun with this

It is good sounds and you can prank people but i dont like how you need to pay for more sounds besides for the animated characters they made

I love the app I bought everything in it I always hoped FGTEEV would have a new app apart from ape chase

Amazing and fun but you should let us have all of the sounds for free because i wont be able to pay for all of them

Super fun trick your friends you could even make it like you’re whistling do everything on the app this is fun even this is my favorite youtuber to

I like this game because You can make the voices weird This game is so much fun

I cant handle this its soo funny and for the people who read this tap on shawns laugh a lot of time and really fast is sounds like he is screaming i had to share this

I love FGTEEVS vids and apps and this app is amazing but I wish you didnt have to pay for some voices

I love this but for the UK can u have £ not $ just for support

It’s awesome but I can’t buy the stuff so I can get extra sound stuff for some reason

Love it so much, and I’m also a huuuuuuuuuge fan of Fgteev they are so fun to watch! But the thing is I wish we could pay or something in an other way that’s all.

Fun app to just mess around and lose myself in. Makes me forget all the problems in my life!

Its fun because it has lots of sounds but I wish all of them wher free

I love this app!And mostly fgteev I watch then everyday because they make me happy when I’m sad.I hope one day I meet them or they notice me that’s probably not going to happen but still.Well I hope this a good review and I Hope you read this!

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