Fill The Words – Combine letters into words

[Game] Fill The Words – word search puzzle

Fill The Words  Fill The Words is a word search game for kids and adults.

The game will be perfect for those who like to do crosswords, word search, play hanging, wordscape, combine letters into words or simply guess them.

Fill-The-Words is even better than a crossword puzzle. This word search game is a great way to pass the time, as well as a great means to become more erudite and intelligent, stretch your mind, train memory and logical thinking!

Advantages of Fill-The-Words

Simple rules. Fill-The-Words is the favourite word game of millions!
More than 900 unique levels with different complexity.
5 languages with more than 4,000 words: English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese
Against the clock game. Unscramble words against the clock or in normal mode.
Lots of hints. Can’t find the word? Cute monsters will help you to play the game.
Achievements and ratings. Do tasks – get awards and compete with friends.
Switch Fill-The-Words to a light or dark theme.

How to play?

Find all words by highlighting the letters next to them. Just swipe over the letters to make up the word. The words found must fill the entire square.
Directions can be completely different. A line can bend so that the word search becomes not an easy task.
If you are lost and you don’t see words, colored monsters will tell you where to start. With each level, the complexity of the game increases, and guessing words becomes more interesting.
The goal of the game is to fill all the bottles and pass Fill-The-Words to the end!

Achievements of Fill-The-Words

Over 100,000 players play Fill-The-Words in English.
More than 10,000,000 players around the world play in other languages!

Download our hotseat word game for free, join the biggest intellectual army and start guessing words right now!

Fill-The-Words User Reviews

Shawna Oliver
“This is a pretty cool game for a word game lover like myself <…> Overall its a good game to keep hands and minds busy”

Gary Paramore
“Different from other word games! The more you play the more difficult it becomes!!”

Sandra Cannon
“Makes me use my brain. Very enjoyable”

Emily Hall
“This is my all-time favorite game for relaxation. I love the way I can increase my vocabulary and exercise my brain while having a great time.”

Abby Waxenberg
“Best word game ever…”

We are constantly working to make our free word search game better, please share your feedback: support[at]

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Fill The Words user reviews :

Great game to training your English, and it will be much better if there will be possible to watch meanings of some words. Thanks!
  • Lunapp
  • Thank you for your feedback. We will forward this to our developers.
Wow these developers really do care about reviewers. The game is cool. Loving every second of it.
  • Lunapp
  • Thank you very much! We are very pleased to hear that

Love it! Best word search game i have tried

Great game! Nice graphics, sound, and all. But explain me this: how come that the game doesn’t know the word ‘fluency’? That’s weird
  • Lunapp
  • Thank you for feedback! We will pass the information to the developers.
Love the app. But when will there be new levels? I’ve finished all existing ones months ago…
  • Lunapp
  • Thank you for your feedback! We’re on it
You used to have more than a cube 3 way grid when I first downloaded. I changed my phone and it’s only a 3 cube grid. What happened.
  • Lunapp
  • You should go to ‘Settings’ >> ‘Saved games’ to restore the progress and improve your game experience!
Challenging enough to keep interest, no cheating
  • Lunapp
  • Thank you very much for your review!
I love it each puzzle gets lil more challenging look forward to a 2nd version
  • Lunapp
  • Thank you very much! We are very pleased to hear that.
Okay this is New Again how long am I stuck at level 8 I have been doing puzzle after 3 puzzle 6 puzzles 9 puzzle I mean come on I mean I absolutely love this game it’s one of the best games I found in a long time and I’m about ready to try one of your other ones games I mean I mean I think they’re yours there’s a the same title but I mean level eight I have been there ever since I started that was a long time ago and I have done a lot of puzzles and have bought a lot of hints
  • Lunapp
  • Thank you for your feedback! You can spend coins on monsters and themes

Pretty good, always loved these games and it’s super cheap to remove the ads, but there are teeny tiny lags occasionally, that’s why 4/5

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