Final Blade – King has abandoned the throne and ran away

[Game] Final Blade

Final Blade  The King has abandoned his people and ran away

Confronting the empire invasion, king has abandoned the throne and ran away. His son Black Prince disobeyed the retreat order, and stood against the enemy with his royal guards.

Sound of blood splash and the iron spark sweep around the Middle World .

Hopeless battle constantly followed, Black Prince retreated over and over. At last, the army of the empire chased nearby the king. He destroyed the bridge between his people and himself, abandoned the people and this son once again, then ran away.

At the moment of despair, the power of abyss awoke unexpectedly, and the fight continued.

And now Middle World is waiting for the ray of hope, the empire wants to put an end to this war.

Heroes! Come join us! Clans! open the gate!
Go against the empire and become a savior !

Final Blade user reviews :

Have been playing this game for more than a month now year now and ive only cashed in for the monthly $5 fairy boost, nothing else. Overall progression is one of the most balanced ive ever seen, easy early slowly gets hard late. Plenty of decent characters despite those p2w OHKO characters. Afk grind is a little long but its afk so its completely acceptable. The only problem is the small playerbase. You have such a well built game but theres subpar marketing, which is a bummer :/
  • SkyPeople
  • Greetings, Warrior! Thank you for letting us know. We will make your thoughts reach our team. We are always happy to hear from you.
Good game, the tutorial takes too long though, you don’t need 9 levels to explain the game mechanics to new players, they are not stupid enough to not be able to play the game without a detailed tutorial.
  • SkyPeople
  • Greetings, Warrior! Thank you for taking the time in giving us a review. We appreciate your feedback. Surely we will forward your voice to our team for review and consideration.

Hit a bug during the tutorial for my Mage. Wanted me to select some gear but nothing was available to select. Asking me to touch on an empty box, so nothing to select. Had to crash the game out to continue. Still some bugs to iron out it would seem. Looks very pretty though!

I like the art its somewhat a little unique to me but it can be refined much better. Gameplay was good but still needs a lot of improvements to make it smooth because sometimes its sluggish. I’ve not yet experienced any bugs in the game or any illegal activity issue which other players complained. It is quite f2p friendly and has similar contents to other gacha games to invest time into. Also, please do collaborations. I’m interested in that particularly.

The game looks amazing and a lot of fun but can’t get past the 95% load screen. Is this the anthem demo? edit: this game is a lot of fun very f2p friendly 5 stars from me. thank you for fixing the load issue.
  • SkyPeople
  • We deeply apologize for this issue YGO Pro Tips. Please clear cache and reinstall the game. If the problem persists, we would like to help you further through cs[at]

Game works just fine. There are no technical issues. All you complaining about errors just upgrade your phones i guess lol. 3/5 not my type. every art is just too much, too many colors and pieces of rope flying around every hero with tons of clothes and armors on them.

I’ve been waiting for this game and it doesnt suck at all. F2P tho, i even can summon x10 continously when my first play. The art so good, i adore it and make me remained of seven knight design art but complicated design like bf and the gameplay smooth like epic 7. The most annoying is part is you need to tap to loot the red orb and can’t even leisurely watch and waiting for the finishing stage or you need spend some money with auto pick up. Overall good but need a bit collab if it possible tho

This game definitely deserve more exposure to gamers out there. Is definitely more slick and class above Epic 7. And is definitely not p2w intensive. I am enjoying it and look forward for more exciting updates from the developer. Well done and continue your effort.

Last Update :

1. New heroes [Elly / Abbot Elly] 2. Add ranking system in Evil’s Cave
3. Focus on Hero, Puzzle Event
4. Improvements and bug fixes

Contact developer :


Video :

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