Final Order – Establish your military stronghold

[Game] Final Order

Final Order  Form armies of mighty beasts.

Brace yourself for warfare against players across the globe!

Final Order is a real-time and action-packed MMO strategy game. You will play as a commander in a war-stricken land and establish your military stronghold. You need to build advanced and modern armies and compete for strategic points. With a might force of the giant beasts, you will be able to rebuild the world order.

Unique Features

Mighty Beasts Will Aid Your Conquest

Awaken the mighty beasts from all over the world!
You can unlock different beasts for a variety of combat purposes. The mighty power and indestructible bodies of these savage beasts are your best support in extracting resources, defending your base and conquering these war-torn lands.

Inspired by Real-World Military Models

The design of military bases is inspired by actual military facilities that you can find in the real world. You will start your epic journey at a massive and authentic military compound.
Combat vehicles such as tanks, APCs, helicopters and other military vehicles reflect actual war machines. – A variety of tactics can be made through different combinations of units and strategies, bringing a completely different gaming experience!

Turning the Tide with Strategies

War is looming! You need to actively secure strategic resources and plan the development of your base for incoming battles.
There are four types of combat units have distinct strengths and weaknesses for you to exploit in combat. Collect intelligence on the enemies and discover an effective strategy to lead your army. Cooperate with legendary beasts to take your foes by surprise and prevail in battles.

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Final Order is a free-to-play mobile game with in-app purchases. According to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, this application is not intended for use by users under the age of 12. A device with internet access is required.


Do you need help?
Feel free to contact us via the in-game Customer Service or send us an Email: finalorder2029[at]

Privacy Policy:

Final Order user reviews :

Sooo sad i cant download this app!!!!! Pls fix this i’d try my best but still do not work pls fix this i all ready send feedback i try every thing!!! Pls FIX THIS PLEASE FIX THIS , PLUS: THIS IS BUGGGGING MEEEE PLSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then i download it again…it -it was amazing! It download im sooo happy ty.!. :) no more complain for me.
  • 37GAMES
  • Dear Commander,thank you for supporting our game! The commander’s approval is the motivation for our game. If the commander has any suggestions for our game, you can contact our GM in the game.
An RTS on mobile with Kaijus?! I wanted to LOVE this game, but sadly, it is yet another cash-grab mobile game loaded with timers, microtransactions, and absolutely no substance. It’s not so much a “game,” as it is an app that tells you when and where to tap until it’s time for you to run your credit card. It’s a brilliant concept for a game with very solid graphics, but they forgot to actually make a game and spent all of their time designing a complex system of relentless monetization instead.
  • 37GAMES
  • Dear Commander,sorry to any inconvenience caused for you,there are some shortages in our game now,we will keep on optimizing inside content of “Final Order”,If the commander has any suggestions for our game, you can contact our GM in the game,we will response as soon as possible.

I pre registered for the game and I have playing it since and I have one word for it – Amazing. Yeah the gameplay, story, characters, visuals and everything is very detailed and great. I like the game and I just wish it gets a little more engaging like some more fights and ability to play in landscape orientation all the time. I love the game.

This game is addictive, makes you feel happy and you have some good ways to show your way of managing things. Monsters are great. Only thing is graphics should become more advanced, on battle zone and outside of the base.

I downloaded it it didn’t work so I decided to free up my space to 93 space and then it works and then it downloaded and it installed on my phone thank you this is why I’m giving it a five-star so I love Godzilla and Tide use all of that and yeah I like your support thanks for this game
  • 37GAMES
  • Dear Commander,thank you for supporting our game! The commander’s approval is the motivation for our game. If the commander has any suggestions for our game, you can contact our GM in the game.

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