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[Game] Find 3D – Match Items

Find 3D  FUN STARTS NOW! Get ready to have a blast with a new fun puzzle game- Find 3D – Match Items!

Play now and discover plenty of challenging levels filled with fun missions that make this time-killing game one of a kind.

Relax and enjoy this addictive 3d matching game as you collect items and complete different missions!

Train your brain, match cute items, explore fun quests, and win awesome rewards! It’s super fun and entertaining!


Beautifully designed puzzle match 3d levels
Fun brain training challenges
Easy and relaxing time killer game
Awesome boosters and hints to help you along the way
Free to play online or offline, no Wi-Fi or internet connection is required!
Amazing new game filled with match 3 quests and cool missions

Try out a new style of the popular match 3d games!
With so many exciting levels, awesome boosters, and fun new gameplay, Find 3D – Match Items is a must-have game for your Android device! If you’re looking for a simple, yet addictive matching game, try out this great time killer and start playing NOW!

Tap and drag different items to collect them
Complete the goal that is set at the start of the level
Enjoy a fun gameplay and cool features like cards and gem collections
Complete the different missions and win great rewards
NOTE! Each level has a timer, so you must move fast & reach the level goal!
Use the boosters to help you pass tricky levels
Use Shuffle to rearrange the items on the board
Boost your game with the Hint and Super Hint

Want to relax and clear your mind?
Try out this great match 3d game and join the 3d matching fun!

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Find 3D user reviews :

Very easy, almost every level can be completed in one attempt, that’s a plus for me. Didn’t need a second try until level 90-something. No ads whatsoever, but I think that may have been a glitch; it sells an ad-free upgrade for $5. Note: it will store all you data in the cache file, so when you clear your cache it will wipe out your save file and you have to start over from level 1. Opened a ticket for that, hopefully they’ll fix it soon.
  • Boombox Games LTD
  • Hi! Thanks for your feedback. We’re sorry to hear that the game does not work properly. If your issue was resolved, please let us know what else we could do to earn your 5 star review :) Thanks, Boombox Studio

Love the game but they are very stingy with rewards, after collecting diamonds the reward is so small and if you are number one in the tournament you only get two hundred and fifty coins for all your hard work . i play match3D also and when i win the tournament they give one thousand coins.

Much harder than your match two or three. I have noticed on occasion that the winning stars do not get added up properly after you win a game. I had an eight and I got three stars and it only added up to 10 and I was a little disappointed. Also you should have a pause because doing this for more than a minute straight can make you get a headache and stress out your eyes. Other than that your game is wonderful very challenging and I hate and love it and that makes it great game!

This game is very Addicting, I’m on level 204 in 7 days. Lol. It’s so fun & it will make you look for hidden objects more fast when u fail that level. Great game for ur mind. It does relax you. Well for me it does.

I wish i could upload game play, this game is INFURIATING! They load up the screen so much its impossible to pick up the items U CAN SEE on the bottom! I had 45 secs left, i could see the item, so no problem right? NOPE! The item was so small, and larger items kept falling on it because there wasnt enough room, that i had to use a booster at 5 secs or lose the level! Its obviously this game was made so you HAVE to use boosters and thus pay. Its a shame because the lower levels are fun.
  • Boombox Games LTD
  • Hi! Thanks for the feedback. The levels will become more challenging as you advance in the game, and that’s when the power-ups at the bottom of the screen come in. If you have difficulty in passing a level, send us a message via the Support button and we will be happy to help.:) Best of luck, Boombox Studio

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