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Fingerprint Lock


Free Customizable Fingerprint Lock that actually locks your phone!

Get the only fingerprint scanner lock that actually works as a lock screen and uses your own wallpaper! Simply run the app and your normal lock screen will be disabled until you exit the app.

PLEASE READ – This version is ad-supported. All screenshots shown except the first one are from the ad-free version, which is also available on the Google Play Market.

READ THIS – Please do NOT post negative, 1-star reviews and comments if you have not even read how to use the app. Too many people are rating this app poorly without even knowing how to use it, or caring to read the description.

This app includes large, visible time and date and Customizable Features, including Themes and Fonts with adjustable positions for everything!
Your own wallpaper will be shown behind the lock screen, even Live Wallpapers!
Invalid identity scans will be denied access to prevent intruders. However when you scan your own thumb print, you will be granted access quickly and easily.

Access the settings menu to customize and personalize the Fingerprint Lock screen to your liking, including options to disable sounds, vibration, show or hide scanner, the date and/or help button, change themes, change time/date/other fonts, sizes, positions and more!

There is even a home screen widget! Long touch on your home screen to add the Fingerprint Lock widget that will run the lock when clicked!

– Actually locks your phone!
– No notification bar and button presses are disabled! (including Home and Back buttons)
– Large, easy to read Clock and Date!
– Many fonts and themes with options to customize your own personal lock screen!
– Set positions and sizes of the Time, Date, and everything else!
– Change scanner images, including the scan area, and the scan line color!
– Shows your own personal wallpaper, including Live Wallpapers!
– Includes home screen Widget to run the app!
Note! – This app does not actually scan your fingerprint. That is impossible. It works great as a lock screen, but is great for pranks, jokes, and fooling people. There is a hidden button that will toggle access to the phone. After toggling access to allow entry, you can either scan and be granted access, or you can enter the settings menu. This is all explained in the app by clicking the “Help” button. I am not liable for any actions involving the use of this app and can not guarantee that no one will be able to access your device while using this app.

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