Flappy Wings

[Game] Flappy Wings


Flappy WingsFlappy Wings : Flap your wings to play

How to play
Tap to flap your wings.
Avoid the pipes.
Try to beat your high score and challenge your friends.

Warning: Very hard and addictive.

Flappy Wings Features:
Improves Flappy Bird’s existing gameplay.
Landscape (Instead of Flappy Bird’s portrait gameplay)
Beautiful Parallax effects (Unlike Flappy Bird’s static background)

“Better than the original Flappy Bird!”

Flappy Wings user reviews :

Eh its not like the original but it gets the job done Nice

It is the best game You should play

Amazing game! Better than the original!! :)

Wow Lovwe it omg!!

Unity is good but… The app won’t even start. Also it actually started once, but didn’t fit my screen.

Poor Rubbish comoared to the old one. BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL VERSION!!!!!!!!!!

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