Flick Quarterback 21 – Become the American Football Flick Champion

[Game] Flick Quarterback 21 – American Pro Football

Flick Quarterback 21

Flick, swipe, dodge and sprint across the whole nine yards to become the American Football Flick Champion. Have you got what it takes to become the Next QB Legend?

CREATE YOUR PLAYER and live the Quarterback fantasy. Choose from over 32 teams and design your player your way. Choose from a variety of customisation options to personalise the game, including player name, team colours and shirt numbers before jumping head-first into the game!

FLICK, SWIPE AND TAP YOUR WAY TO THE BIG GAME on your journey to becoming a Quarterback Legend. Take control with intuitive flick controls, throwing and controlling the ball in-air entirely with the unique control scheme.

BECOME THE MVP as the key player to the game. Plan scenarios and smash them to score the Perfect Play of the halcyon legends of Football. Rack up Distance Bonuses, Great Plays, Technical Bonuses and much more!

EVOLVE YOUR PLAY STYLE and train up with plenty of upgrades. Unlock boosts, player upgrades, stadium fireworks and even brand-new game modes as progress throughout the game to create the ultimate Quarterback action.

BRING THE FANS to cheer you on as you upgrade your game stadiums to bring more and more fans into the arena – and gain XP while you do it!

MORE QUARTERBACK ACTION? Get involved in all the highs and lows in the ultimate American Football QB simulation: ALL STAR QUARTERBACK out now!


Get into the brand-new American Football season 2019/2020 on the TV and on your phone!
Flick, Swipe, Tap and Kick in addictive sport gameplay action!
Choose your Player Name, Character Appearance, Team Selection and so much more!
Fancying progressing further? Buy Stadiums to Improve Popularity and Gain XP Quicker!
Beat the Record Players and rise up the Leaderboards
Fun for All Ages and Families

48MB Download Size
Supports old and new Android handsets and tablets!
Free to play
Offline Play

FULL FAT are industry-leaders with over 20 years of experience in providing mobile gaming experiences on the go for players of all ages to enjoy!

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Flick Quarterback 21 user reviews :

Very cool game action! Easy controls, great graphics, good options, and no worries on my wallet. Ads weren’t frequent enough to be a distraction, so all you whiners are safe! 10 to the game developers. You folks, are a blessing to gaming! Keep up the great work

I’ve had two great high scores and have been rob of them cause after the game your stupid pop up ads come on and when it ends I can’t get back to the game to collect my high score. There no point to download this game if thats all it does is glitch.

Great game it helped me learn how 2 perfect my throwing skills.

I love this game…Since finding it a few years ago I haven’t been able to stop playing…

Super cool, super fun, great game peeps. Plays really fun

The graphics is amazing.

This is one of the best games by far that ive ever played on a mobile phone

This would probably have 5 stars if these issues were fixed. 1: every time I barely slide my finger across my phone the ball literally goes over my WRs head and into the defenders arms. 2: Like 5 times I’m thrown a perfect pass to a wide open WR and the defender just magically zooms next to the WR and intercepts the ball

The game has great potential but is way too easy and gets very boring. Even if you try and lose theres a good chance one of your players will catch the ball. Also would be good to see more modes or more actions to do so you feel a sense of achievement when you get a touchdown. Overall this game needs to be much harder to add an element of skill. Also the ads are annoying with an ad playing every time i navigate through the menu.

Unfortunately the best football game on the Play Store. There’s nothing to do after you get the biggest stadium. There are only 3 modes that aren’t practice and one of them is just a glorified practice mode anyway. It’s boring and there is no justification for this many ads. The devs say they need revenue to keep working on the game but never add anything new. This is just sad

Wow! The graphics are incredible, WARNING: ADDICTIVE! Everything is set up perfectly, I couldn’t tell much from the screenshots, but experiencing it was the best decision of my life! Easy controls however, the physics are kind of cheesy but hey, it’s a fun relaxing and laid back football game, so who cares?! I could use some more updates including new catching animations, career mode, maybe a shootout online 1v1?! Thanks for making this great game developers!

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