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Flip LauncherFlip Launcher : More convenient to your smartphone. FlipLauncher

Flip Launcher is a launcher app that makes your smartphone more convenient.

Open designated apps and shortcuts with a single flip.

You can assign four apps & shortcuts to each flipper on Flip Launcher—24 apps & shortcuts in all.

Web browsing, email, games, Facebook, Twitter, LINE—any app or shortcut can be opened instantly once it’s registered with Flip Launcher. No more trudging back to the home screen or shuffling through your app list.

Each flipper’s standby position can be switched from right to left. The color and transparency can be adjusted as well. Customize your FlipLauncher so it’s right for you.

If you have any questions or requests, please contact the developers.

Flip Launcher user reviews :

Would be great if I could manage the location of the apps/shortcuts after setting them, without unregistering… also be great to switch the location of an entire raw. Thanx, a great app

Would be great to have citation color selection. Drag and drop to move shortcuts around would make this a 5 star!

Great idea and I almost uninstalled out before remembering that I could move the sliders to the right (a must for me – could not pull them out from the left without pulling my case aside) and now I am much happier with it. Thanks dev for your work :) One suggestion, the ability to remove the grey line behind the labels.

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