Flip The Frog – A touching love story

[Game] Flip The Frog

Flip The Frog  One quiet night Flip the frog was catching flies in his peaceful little pond when all of a sudden the moon appeared in the sky above him.

She was so bright and so beautiful, that the poor croaker fell completely and utterly in love. Unable to think of anything but his precious Luna, he’s preparing to take one small step for a frog and one giant leap for the toadkind…

Help the lovestruck tadpole reach his sweetheart! The game’s key features include:

A touching love story starring a cute green protagonist;
Play anytime and anyplace;
One-hand controls: dodge walls and spikes to reach your goal;
Pick up coins to buy a variety of costumes;
More than 200 exciting levels just waiting to be challenged!

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Flip The Frog user reviews :

It is a easy but repetitive game. There are ads after almost every level, you could turn off wifi to stop them though. The frog is cute, it’s honestly the reason it gets three stars instead of two. Also the syncing with achievements could use some work. Honestly it’s made better than hundreds of the mobile games today. It has a lot of potential, so if you like frogs this game is for you.
  • Thank you for your support and enjoy!

Such a great game, ads can be easily avoided by turning off wifi and data, the only issue is how hard it gets to unlock skins after 150 and above, other than that this is a wonderful game. (Tip for people with ads issues, see first sentence!) Very cute graphics and pretty simple strategy.

I really like the gameplay but I get ads after every lvl, and they’re far too short of lvls for the ad density. the lvls themselves are a good size, and it’s very fun. if it wasnt for the ads it would easily get 4 stars, but the ads ruin the experience far too much. I want to delete the app, but I’ll keep in in hopes that a new update will fix this. if it doesnt, I’ll delete it then. i used to find it relaxing, now I find myself extremely irritated and closing the app after only a couple lvls.

Its a fun game ill give it that. Ads suck but its a free game so get over it. Im giving 1 star because i got to level 198ish and it reset my progress. I still have the achievements but im back at lv 1 and lost ALL of my skins. Im not about to wait to get 200 more gems just for that one skin i like. Screw this game theres no point if it starts over. The farther levels get more difficult so when it restarted it was too easy. Also some of the achievments are make it past lv 200 or lv 500.

I LOVE IT! The design is so cute and it is such a relaxing game, the only thing slightly bad, is the ads, there’s quite a few of them, but overall, a great game!

Very cute game! I really enjoyed playing it, tho i have a small suggestion Maybe add levels! That way if we mess up on a level we can go back to it and clear it! Other than that its a very fun and cute game!

This game is a super adorable game, I play it when I figity and bored. The art is simple but somehow also very pretty and clean! The game seems very polished and the skins are adorable! I dont even get too many ads for the game (yes you can play it ofline aswell!!)
  • Thank you so much! Your support means a lot to our team!

This is so aesthetic!!!! I absolutely love this game. So far, I have seen no ads. The frogs little scrunch face is soooooo cute!!! I can’t stop playing lol

So, I hope everyone sees this because I’m not the developer but I’ve seen the complaints about ads. So to get rid of them, turn off your wifi. Then walk back to your wonderful, amazing game.

It’s a great game with smooth graphics and I’d get totally addicted. But the sheer amount of adverts is ridiculous. Oh yay I finished another level – oh fgs there’s an ad. Every single time.
  • Hello! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review for us. Please note that you can disable ads at any time by going to the in-game store.

This game is just really cute and fun. Solid game, I am a bit annoyed about things like getting money but other than that I love this game.

Really good! It’s really fun and original.Also it looks bootiful. Also phrog is epic. The adds are really long tho which is why only four stars.but overall it’s really fun thank you for making this!

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