Flourishing Empires – Find yourself in the middle ages

[Game] Flourishing Empires

Flourishing EmpiresFlourishing Empires : a Mixture of medieval 3D action and strategy.

You find yourself in the middle ages, where seven big clans are fighting among themselves over land.

Your task is to collect a large army and destroy all the clans, and seized their possessions. In the early stages you can battle with the bandits, selling trophies obtained in battle.

Develop the skills of your character, buy gear, training your squad and when you’re ready, grab the first castle, which will make a profit. Each captured castle will be accompanied by the transition of the Lord on your side, thereby increasing your clan.

Global map
7 clans
Towns and castles
The battle in the third person

and much more.

Flourishing Empires user reviews :

Good game,I have conquerd all castles and clans in just 2 days but the game has no end.how to end? There are some more problems. My army stuck on climbing staires and enemy kill them easily. Horse moving controls are difficults. Sometime army command not work.

Very cool game, but the one thing i would love and think much others would to, is character creater. If you have your own little empire, you have to wear clothes that other empires wear, so it would be absolutley awesome if you had character creater, and if you destroy an empire, you should get all of their knights, men, horses, and castles. Other than those two improvments, this is an awesome game and I definetly suggest getting it!

Amazing. Mount and blade on your phone. There are some bugs and things. Menu button text doesn’t appear or is garbled often. Map is turned. Certain ads get stuck. Castle seiges have some visual/ pathfinding problems. Ceiling blocks your view, stairs, npcs get stuck. Sensitivity was way too high. Maybe the clans tab can show names in the clan color? Better inventory for sell all and stuff you want? Need a way to control cavalry. Commands don’t always work. Need a tutorial! Overall, amazing.

Good game u can easily create your own empire. but th problem is the map it is really annoying. Maybe fix the map

This is a very cool and awesome game but I would love for the graphics to be a little updated and put more armor new weapons and new mounts

Dear VirtualStudio , please make a Flourishing Empire 2 and add morr weapons and armor add some group such as spartan armies please make a new version of this game like flesh and steel 2 BTW I’m also Playing that game and I like it very much I like the japanese soldiers cool looks those samurai’s soldier

This game looks like so much fun I really hope you keep making more cuz I have a another one of your games flesh and steel 2 it’s a really fun game I just can’t don’t know how to level up .and for flourishing empires I would like you to give us the option to chat with people that and explain our reason for attacking.i would also very much like if you would make it so if you wanted to start a new game you didn’t lose all your experience or data .

This is really good for a mobile game. The controls are alright, but a little difficult. There’s no tutorial, had to figure everything out. There’s one really annoying bug. During a siege, the last few guys are in the highest tower and nobody goes up there to kill them. I have to go up myself and end up getting killed. The siege never ends.

Great game. Need improvements. Like a better diplomatic system. More weapons and siege. And the ability to sail in ships for transporting. If u can’t use ur shield know that the two handed weapons like axes need both hands to use. Try a spear and it would show up. its worth installing and time to understand it. Needs tutorial

Decent game. It is rather challenging, especially without any tutorial but you can work out the controls. Once you understand how the game works however it becomes very easy, just time consuming. It looks great and the battles do seem fair most of the time but if you character rides a horse it’s hard to get him to actually big his opponent. There are a few other bugs but nothing too critical.

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