Foca – Cultivate productive and healthy work habits

[App] Foca – Pomodoro Focus Timer, Stretch Exercise

Foca  Foca combines Pomodoro Timer with Stretching Exercises, aiming to help you cultivate productive and healthy work habits.


Focus Timer
Customizable focus time
Notification & vibration at the end of a Pomodoro
Pause and resume Pomodoro
Labels of Pomodoro

White Noise
White noise helps you to concentrate
Various ambient sounds including Dawn Forest, Seashore, Berliner Cafe!

Stretching Exercises
Simple stretching exercises after a focus session
Vivid voice and illustration guidance.
Stretches of the neck, shoulder, back, hands, legs, and whole body.
Relieve office syndrome.

Statistic Reports
Statistics of your focus time over time
Distribution of your time on each Pomodoro label.

Start a focus session.
Concentrate on your work with white noise and minimalist background.
At the end of the focus session, you can choose to start stretching exercises, take a break, or skip the break session.

Note: Some mobile phone manufacturers (especially Huawei) take very aggressive measures against apps that need to run in the background, to save battery life. If Foca App gets killed, please follow the steps below to improve stability:

1. Turn off battery saving mode.
2. Lock the app on the multi-task screen.

Or you can turn on the “Screen Always On” switch in the settings, to avoid background running.

Feel free to contact us at if you have any feedback.

Foca user reviews :

I downloaded this app in hopes that it would help with my bad study habits. I am impressed with the app so far! It has 4 timed intervals and then timed breaks in between each interval which has helped to keep me focused and less distracted! I’ve only used this app once so far and my only complaint is that during one of the breaks I accidentally closed out my apps on my phone and lost all of the progress that I made so I was not able to finish the 4th interval. Please have it automatically save!

It has been one of the greatest apps I’ve ever used. It’s minimalistic but also has all the options that you would want. I’ve used a lot of focus timer apps, but none of them has worked for me the way this app did. I definitely recommend this app to anyone and especially students who want to have a good idea of the amounts of time you study.
  • Foca
  • Thank you so much for your review!

Great app, reaches the goals I need to get done, and really easy to use. I have one suggestion though, in auto run mode after focus session there’s duration for break but there’s no feature for doing stretches, I suggest you to add the stretches option in the auto run mode too! Except that overall app is really very good! And the ambient sounds are also very relaxing and keeps you focused!

Started using this app today. So far the experience had been great. Just an suggestions to the team : After the focus timer completes, you provide us three options to choose from namely, take break or stretch or skip break. If you could provide some option to include mind focusing practices (like 5 min focus meditation) as well, it would be awesome. Other than that, a very clean UI and easy to use app. Highly recommend to beginners like me !!
  • Foca
  • Thank you for taking out the time to send us your suggestions!

I really like how simple and good looking this app is. What I don’t like is how it drains my battery. Even when it runs in the background. If I let it open, my phone becomes really hot. I have to charge my phone after half a day of studying.

I love it. I have used my productivity apps but this is one of the best. I love the nice ambient sounds and just seeing my pomodoro timer staring at me makes me want to get to work focusing on something.

I love the simplicity of this app. My favorite thing about it are the categories for the sessions, such as “study,” “work,” etc. Other apps allow you to be specific about the exact task you want to finish in one session, but I find that stressful. What we want to work on can change as we’re working on it, and this app provides the flexibility for that with its simple categories. I just bought it, so I’m begging you not to add thousands of distracting features! And please don’t game-ify it!
  • Foca
  • Thanks a lot for your love of using Foca! That’s the biggest motivation for us.
Loved it. It’s simple and has many options but does not have many distractive elements in it. The thing I love the most it the small strech instructions after every pomodoro. Love this app
  • Foca
  • Thanks for your review! Please recommend our app to your friends, and don’t hesitate to shoot us a note at foca-2020[at] if you have any questions.

The simplicity is awesome, it’s super easy to use and some how motivates you to get work done, 10/10 recommend it!

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