Foodpia Tycoon – Biggest culinary empire in the world

[Game] Foodpia Tycoon – Idle restaurant

Foodpia Tycoon  Open restaurants, hire special chefs, discover new recipes, earn money and build the biggest culinary empire in the world!

Always wanted to have your OWN RESTAURANTS? The time is NOW.
Open restaurants in the famous cities of the world.


Simple, fun and challenging gameplay.
Upgrade restaurants to make more money.
Collect new recipes to attract more customers.
Hire and upgrade unique chefs
Open new restaurants around the world.

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Foodpia Tycoon user reviews :

It might not be good but if you want to get rid of the ads just download it and then turn your wifi off. You might not get power ups but it isn’t as laggy and you won’t be interrupted. Hope I helped?

It gets old fast. I’ll go days without checking in and my restaurants aren’t earning enough. The only thing you can do is move on to the next city and start from scratch, and you can’t go back to the old ones. There’s no point in meeting the goals of the current city because eventually you can’t get ahead so you start over.

Honestly it’s just boring. There’s so many other idle/clicker games out there that do the same stuff better than this one. Maybe it picks up, I didn’t give it much of a shot because of the lack of motivation the game gives you. The clicking starts off too quick and then turns difficult. Felt like a bad cookie clicker reskin just for mobile (has super cheap first 2 items then quickly turns expensive)

I really enjoy some time consuming game. I tend to play hours and hours everytime so I can release my stress and etc. Overall, it’s interesting and quite addicting.

I really like this game. It’s not too needy you can check on it several times a day it’s very slow but not boring. I’ve been playing for years now.

Awesome game! Very cute and easy to understand. I like the Google Play achievements too!

Good idle game. The sound effects are really calming, cute graphics. This is the kind of games I’m willing to spend some money to support.

This game is one where i keep playing it over and over if you are the kind of person that likes having food Industries well this is the game for you

The graphics are so cute, but progress slows to a crawl in the middle indicating it’s a cash grab.

Pretty fun but not very well balanced. Nearly impossible to progress without paying constantly

Excellent game it literally give you gems awesomeness definitely not a pay to win game but then again all in app purchases are at the users discretion

Excellent game to pass the time. You don’t have to wait around for ages either for things to happen! The skip tickets are great and you don’t have to wait ages for diamonds. Graphics are awesome and has a clean interface so is easy to navigate around. I would love to see different worlds incorporated such as “Restaurants on Mars” as a side “Quest”.
  • Oh! My honorable CEO “Dan Fernandez”! Welcome to Foodpia Tycoon! Your idea is so good. We will check it. Thank you for your compliments!! Have a nice day!

It’s a pretty fun little game but the only gripe I have with it is how mostly easy it is to upgrade every restaurant except for one or two. All other restaurants are up to level 500+ and can still be leveled up a few times. These restaurants are at around 400 and take double the money to upgrade even once. It’s grating to play every few days to level up the restaurant one level, then wait a few more days to level it up again. The income is too low, and prices are far too high. Otherwise, good!

It’s really fun! I like that it is still adds the money you earned while offline. The characters and places are really cute. I don’t give it 5/5, cause I downloaded it yesterday and I want to see if it will bug me on the long run. We will see. Update: It’s really fun and addictive. It didn’t bug me once! I am pleasantly surprised! 5/5!

Honestly, one of the best clicker games out there. It’s very easy to progress, with or without advertisements. Also, it’s not required to watch advertisements. You can go through this game without even watching one, which is rare for a free game. The designs of the characters are thought out. The layouts are very easy to understand. This looks like a game that was developed by someone who cared about what they were doing and wanted to share their creation with others.
  • Your review is very impressive, CEO! We are deeply grateful to you. Please continue to love Foodpia Tycoon! Have a nice day!

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