Forgotton Anne – Your words and actions can alter the tale

[Game] Forgotton Anne

Forgotton Anne  Imagine a place where all that is lost and forgotten goes; old toys, letters, socks. The Forgotten Lands is a magical world inhabited by Forgotlings; living mislaid objects longing to be remembered.

Forgotton Anne is a seamless cinematic adventure with meaningful storytelling and light puzzle platforming. You are Anne, the enforcer who keeps order in the Forgotten Lands, as she sets out to squash a rebellion that might prevent her master, Bonku, and herself from returning to the human world…

“This game is nothing short of beautiful…Forgotton Anne is one of the standout experiences of the year so far and for good reason”
9/10 – GameReactor

“It’s a game which will win you over with its huge amount of heart…Forgotton Anne is brilliant”
Recommended – Eurogamer

“Every moment has the potential to be a stunning screenshot. It’s really remarkable and potentially eye-opening”
4/5 – TrueAchievements

“Gorgeously animated cutscenes segue into gameplay, the wonderful art shifting frame by frame in response to your inputs.” – PCGamesN


Discover a beautifully realised world of wonder filled with Forgotlings – charming everyday objects brought to life, bursting with personality.
Uncover the truth behind the harrowing conflict taking place between an impassioned ruler and ruthless rebellion.
Harness the power of Anima, the energy that brings life to the Forgotten Lands. Use it to solve puzzles and command ultimate control over Forgotlings’ lives.
Choose carefully. Your words and actions can alter the tale being told thanks to a branching dialogue system that places the power in your hands.
Run, leap, and soar as you strive to guide Anne home, unlocking areas and abilities along the way.
Enjoy hand-animated visuals created using the same traditional techniques that brought your favourite animated movies to life.
Immerse yourself in a soaring orchestral score performed by the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra.

Forgotton Anne user reviews :

This was such an amazing experience. Can’t recommend it enough. It truly does have that amazing vibe, somewhat of a mix between Miyazaki and Otomo’s sensibilities. The controls might be a bit finicky at first, but you can easily get used to them. Everything in this game is magnificent: the voice acting, the soundtrack, the animations, the world-building… My first brutally honest 5/5 review ever.
  • Hitcents
  • Thank you for the awesome review! We’re so glad you’re enjoying Forgotton Anne!

Amazing game. So beautiful and dream like. At first I didn’t like the concept of the whole game, but the plot grew on me and I finished the game in under 2 days!!! Improvements***Endings were a bit underdeveloped but most choice related games have this issue… could have had a longer cut scene to truly sum up he whe game. Also the name of the game ‘forgotten Anne’s (not to be ironic) is quite forgettable.

I first found out about the PC version on the Unity website years ago, instantly fell in love with it, and bought it as soon as I could. I love the well-written characters and story. The animation style is beautiful. The style allowed for a nice control scheme (tip: jump when going down stairs). Overall, a beautiful game and highly, highly recommend it.

I love this game so much. The art style look gorgeous, the gameplay is straightforward and uncomplicated, and the story is captivating. I played an earlier PC demo at a con some years ago, and loved it straight away. I’m so pleased it’s available as an app!

I love the animation, the beginning is very entertaining it’s like if you’re watching an anime and gets you right into it, I haven’t had a problem or a glitch yet, so I’m very happy with it . I guess I will have to buy the game to keep playing, very interesting.

Wow, story animate style, im very love it, gameplay is fun, Bgm and animation feels like im not playing game, i feels playing with Ghibli animation style , im very love it, perhaps you will add japanese dub, it will be very very very nice, thanks for make awesome game

I like the story so far and how everything flows really well. The graphics are also done very beautifully in my opinion.

Amazing even on a mid spec phone Moto G7 power needs little optimization hopefully will come in future updates nice work!!!

This is probably the best cinematic narrative game for mobile right now. There are puzzles, choices, stories and all. The controls are easy. I just love it. But, I am stuck at using the lost pieces attracted to arca to open the lever door and I couldn’t get pass it. It is a bug in the game. Whenever you turn on the light to get rid of the lot pieces, it shoots off in the wrong direction. It is so disappointing at this moment as it ruined the flow of the game.

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