Frayhem – Take the crown in battle royale

[Game] Frayhem – 3v3 Brawl, Battle Royale, MOBA Arena

Frayhem  Enjoy fun fast-paced battles in the arena of Frayhem!

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Frayhem is a multiplayer brawler combining MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) and battle royale elements, and it’s easy to learn. Brawl with opponents to achieve glory in the arena! This multiplayer brawler can be learned by anyone but mastered by only a few. Try it for yourself and see if you can take the crown in battle royale and team-based modes. Become the legend of the mobile multiplayer arena!

EASY TO LEARN: Yet hard to master. Anyone can start playing Frayhem, but only a few will turn into legends. Will you be one of them?

PLAY YOUR WAY: Pick a fighter matching your play style: melee, ranged, healer, assassin, tank, or something in between!

CUSTOMIZE YOUR FIGHTER: Each ability has multiple variations so you can adjust the fighter to your liking. Turn your fighters into the top stars of the arena!

VARIOUS MODES AND MAPS: Each requiring different tactics. Outsmart your opponents at every step!

The game is constantly evolving. New modes, maps, and fighters are coming. Stay tuned!

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Frayhem user reviews :

It definitely needs more characters to play as and also unlock through progressing further through the game also they need to complete the rest of the characters that they have abilities like half of the characters abilities are only partially done they need to be finished and what not other than that I’m enjoying the game

I sadly cannot give them a five star. This is primarily due to the time locked progression. Ex: you have a set amount of runes that you get per day, 160 being the cap excluding quests. I play 16 games or so and then get nothing for winning. Also most likely flushed with bots. As I decimated a team of 3 solo my team ran around In circles. They could have just been bad but good God. If I continue to be timelocked I will abandon this game just like Maple story 2.

Game has really not bad graphics and various mechanics, but there is huge disadvantage – it is pay to win and pay to enjoy the ability to play interesting characters. Would be nice if developers would even give us trial ability to play with all characters versus other players, but no, or you pay or waste time on trying to got them from chests.

Its really good, but feels like that i am playing against bots all time never met new players and its weird. never lost for now and i am already 10 level almost 3 hours in game, thats a lame.

Great game. Been playing for a while. I hope they continue with updates for maybe new game modes or maps because people will get tired of it if they don’t update. Edit: like the new update that shows after a game where you can like teammates and see who did what

Great game with a lot of potential.. they need to add guilds/clans, clan matches, and a chat box so we can communicate with teammates while setting up a party. It would also be nice if you view the details of some players from the leaderboards.

gameplay is good… but after I logged out and play again always stuck on loading screen, then I have to uninstall and re-install just to play again.. pls fix

I give 4 stars because you need same improvement by the way i love this game i think you need to make an upgrade to the friend request and put an chat and voice chat in this game think you i hope you fixed this asap

Recently halved the gold rewards without any mention of it. That, on top of bad character balance, laggy matches, and braindead ai make this game hard to enjoy.

Very addicting, exciting and intriguing game! You know what? Better than heroes strike for real. There are few champions and it’s not bad because its not impossible to get all of it than heroes strike. Not P2W and fairly competitive which is interesting. It’s even optimizable for low-end devices and lag is temporary. Really an awesome game! You won’t even believe the graphics for a 200mb file size and it’s ridiculously cool. I’m looking forward for more updates this game will make in the future!

one of the best games I’ve ever played on a mobile! the match matching is fair, the graphics and gameplay is super smooth even on low end devices, light weight, no server or connection issue, matches are quick and not time consuming or boring, heroes are awesome and the chests I get from playing provides fair rewards!! I am very much loving this game and playing this regularly! Thanks to the DEVs for this awesome and mind blowing game!

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