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Freebloks 3D  This is the Android version of Freebloks 3D, an implementation of the popular board game Blokus.

Try to place as many tiles on the board as possible, keeping in mind only two simple rules: your tiles must touch a corner of one of your previously placed tiles, but they must not share an edge. Can you play more tiles than your opponents?

Each player has 21 tiles: 12 tiles with 5 squares, 5 tiles with 4 squares, 2 tiles with 3 squares, 1 tile with 2 squares and 1 tile with 1 square.
Players take turns in placing one tile onto the 20×20 board. The first tile for each player has to be placed in their corner of the board. Each following tile has to touch a corner of one of your previous tiles, but it must never share an edge. It may share edges with the opponents’ tiles though.
If a player has no more possible move, they have to pass. The game is over when no player can place a tile.
For each player, the squares of all their tiles on the board are added up. Finishing a game with all stones placed on the board gives a 15 points bonus. If the monomino is placed last, you will get a 20 points bonus. The player with the most points wins.

Swipe the list of available tiles with your finger.
Select and drag a tile onto the board.
Rotate the stone using one of the 4 handles.
To flip a stone, slide your finger from one handle toward the opposing handle.
Place the tile in the desired position. The tile will appear green if the position is valid, and red otherwise. Possible corners are highlighted on the board for convenience.
Tap the tile in a valid position to place it.
You can rotate the board at any time to see the opponents’ tiles.

Quit the app at any time, your current game will be saved and restored on next start.

Supports 2-player modes, with 2 colors (Original and Blokus Duo), 4 colors (2 each).
Customizable board sizes other than 20×20.
Play against the computer or humans on the same device.
Play online against your friends
Multiplayer via Bluetooth
Hint and undo options
Leaderboards and Achievements (Google Play Games)
Looks great on tablets, too!

The game is network-compatible with Freebloks 3D for Windows and Linux:

Freebloks 3D is absolutely free, open source and without advertisement! ALWAYS! But things for free can still have a value. If yoy like to pay for Freebloks, please consider buying Freebloks VIP:

The complete source code is available on GitHub:

If you have any idea, feature request or wish, simply drop me an email:

TRANSLATIONS: if you would like to contribute and translate Freebloks into your language, please send me an email.

Freebloks 3D user reviews :

Great game. The games are quick, it makes you think, I bought the real version to play at home with friends.

Fantastic game, fun strategic and user friendly gameplay.  GET IT!

Very interesting, easy, and fun to play

Excellent! No ads! Make a donation to the developer!

Great app! It’s basically Blokus in virtual form (and a lot cheaper than the board game!). It works well and the computer is hard enough to keep you on your toes. Playing with other people is great fun.

A great version of this classic game. Two things “block” me from giving it 5 stars though: • On my small phone display, I zoomed in to make the board big as possible—but then I could no longer play pieces near the board’s edges. I moved them there, and they froze till I zoomed out again. Frustrating. • At the bottom of the screen, animated text (“It’s your turn, Blue!”) jumps around while you’re trying to think. You can cover it with a finger—but really? Why?

One of my favorit game. I want to make a tutorial of this game and hope there’s a online version so I can play against other

A fun app if you enjoy the game Blokus. It took me a few minutes to get the hang of rotating, flipping, and placing the pieces, but now it’s very easy to use.

The gameplay is awesome and very similar to blokus. Two features that I would love to see: being able to invite a friend to a particular game (or maybe have a number associated with a specific match, and then another player can use that number to join?), and heightening the timeout timer so that a game won’t time out if a player takes an hour or two to respond. Aside from that, the app is responsive and well-built. Thank you!

Great & fun game. But I would like to drag the board without changing colors check blokus app that one you can drag & pan the board as you please Thanks so much for the timely feedback. What I mean is that I would like to move all throughout the board (while being zoomed in for instance). That way I could see things up close and with more freedom. That would be great. Check out the blokus app. The way you can move in that app is great.
  • Sascha Hlusiak
  • I will add that as an option. Right now this is the way to see the opponent’s pieces. Why do you want to rotate the board? When would that be useful?

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