Friends and Dragons – Defeat tons of barbaric monsters

[Game] Friends and Dragons

Friends and Dragons  Summon and collect the most epic heroes in this original puzzle dungeon crawler.

Hundreds of heroic challenges await to take your fantastic heroes on a quest of loot, glory and friendship as you delve deeper into monster filled dungeons. Upgrade your champions, rebuild your home village and defeat tons of barbaric monsters in weekly events, endless challenges and ever refreshing bounties. New: FREE daily summon now available!

Game Features:

 SUMMON & COLLECT over 60 epic heroes!
Assemble a heroic party of Dwarven Knights, Dragonborn Paladins, Elven Rangers, Human Elementalists and many more. Can you collect all legendary 5star heroes?

 PUZZLES & DUNGEONS with never ending challenges and fun!
New and original gameplay will keep you entertained, and more is just about to come! Over 500 handcrafted puzzles and adventures, epic weekly events and competitive challenges.

 JOIN GUILDS and play together with friends!
Restore the glorious guild hall and invite your friends to play with you. Complete challenging dungeons together with your guild mates and collect twice the loot.

 COMPETE in weekly challenges
Play and compete in hardcore challenges: defeat evil bosses, conquer the crypt of horrors, slay the evil goblin king and survive the realm of torment.

 PLAY REAL CO-OP and win together
Challenge the deepest dungeons and gnarliest bosses together with your friends in co-op mode. Play together and win together for double the rewards.

NOTE! You can play the game for free, however some game items can be purchased with real money. You can set up a password protection for purchases on your Google Play Settings to prevent accidental purchases. Under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Friends and Dragons.

The game requires a network connection.

Are you experiencing any problems? Contact us via our support email: support(at)

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Friends and Dragons user reviews :

I picked up this game to waste some time but ended up having a lot of fun. The base building and resource aspects are the same as a hundred other games. Dull, unimaginative but inoffensive. Really just ways to constrain your hero management. The battle part of the game is what the game is really about. It is simple enough that my 4yo can play a few easier levels, but complex enough that I can spend a long time carefully considering my strategy on tougher ones. Worth a look.

A simple, yet satisfying puzzle battle strategy “dungeon crawler” that is crunchy enough to appease gamers but streamlined enough for casual players. One of my favorites this year with a unique “flipping” movement mechanic to make an otherwise straightforward tile game into an engaging brawler. Reminds me of one of the Might and Magic games. Fun production. Good job!

Absolutely fantastic. Simple, yet challenging game play, and the learning curve is delightfully easy. Co-op matches are easy to set up, and botching your moves is part of the fun, instead of crippling your progress.

Great little game…but please please please get rid of the energy system…waiting ages just to play a handful of games before waiting again…is so old skool and soooooooo frustrating…and unnecessary…most gamers just want to play without this hassle especially when it’s a fun and strategic game like this…grrr!!

really good game but energy is quite irritating. another issue I’m having is service doesn’t work for my 5g phone unless I use home wifi which is a total bummer. I’m still giving it 5 stars because it’s a nice twist to the normal gameplay. considering investing if this service comes to pass but for now f2p

most of the game mechanics and such seam to work well but the energy setup is lacking. energy cap is 15 and takes 5 to do most levels at a regen of 1 per 5 min. hoping it goes up as you play more but makes it hard to get into the game.

Great strategy game! very innovative, mind boggling and agile battle dynamics make this a game you can enjoy in short bursts , it really fits in my busy calendar!

One of the better turn based games. Can’t stop playing it at the mo. Gets the brain cells working as well.

this game is very good the game play is great and you dont have to spend money to get good players grade A from you keep up the great work

Amazing game, really enjoy it, very entertaining and good for problem solving ability development.

Fun game with an enjoyable coop mechanic. Good game for a quick play whenever you have a spare 5 minutes

it’s fun kinda like a chess game but with RPG elements to it I really do enjoy this game

Appears to be a nice little game, mostly play empires and puzzles but this game will be regular played too, little puzzle solving and chess like battles. Nice

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