Froggy Jump – Bring down furious creatures

[Game] Froggy Jump

Froggy Jump  Help Froggy jump up and away into the galaxy by bouncing from one platform to another!

Use hot-air balloons and rockets to reach higher and bring down enemy creatures with the help of the bucket helmet!

How to play?

1. Tilt phone to move left or right
2. Jump on the platforms above Froggy.
3. Collect coins and gems!
4. Tap the screen to launch space-rocket!
5. Pick up power-ups they help Froggy getting higher!
6. Bring down furious creatures with the bucket on Froggy’s head!
7. Exchange your gems for power-ups or costumes for Froggy.


12 themes, including: Western, Heaven, Birthday, Underwater, Infernal, Jungle and Rockstar to name a few
Bouncy, moving, disappearing and spiky platforms and more surprises
Space rockets, shields, head-bucket, air-balloons and bio gas-fire to help you fly higher
Safety laser, magnets and many more items to use to save your frog from falling
Complete achievements and compare your scores with others via Scoreloop
Pimp and dress your frog
Free coins and gems in addition to in-app purchases
Daily Word Game – get online and collect the letters for Gems!
Pile gold bars to improve Gem drop rate
Win something unique from Mystery boxes!
Complete Word Game 7 days in a row to have a chance of winning huge gem packs!
Collect safes with the Western Froggy to win items
Special collectible items for the Angel Froggy and Birthday Froggy!

Froggy Jump user reviews :

Really fun game I used to play on the old I phones. However it’s a little laggy with the Google phones and I don’t remember getting gems to buy stuff from the store being this time consuming. I have only collected 4 gems during the week I’ve played (30ish min a day) so it almost doesn’t seem worth the store feature. Am I missing something when it comes to collecting gems and coins (1000 coins per gem) or is it this hard?

I love this game and yet it hasn’t changed a bit. Fyi its tilt control use your phone to move the frog also he’s meant to go off screen, don’t know why tho.

I can’t restore my game. On my old phone, I had played this game a ton and bought a lot of stuff, but I have been unable to return to that game on my new phone, which makes my progress lost and I’ve therefore lost interest in the game. EDIT: Thank you for the response. My old phone is dead so I don’t have access to it. But I saved to the cloud all the time so it should be there. Something must’ve gone wrong. I’ve updated to 3 stars as I’m glad to learn that cloud saving should transfer progress
  • Invictus Games Ltd.
  • I’m sorry you have this issue. You can use cloud save/load in the settings (log in first) menu to transfer progress when changing phones. Cloud save on old phone, then cloud load on new. Hopefully you still have your old phone around. (Note that if you made progress on your new phone, cloud load will replace that with what you last saved to cloud.)
Pretty fun game, but I have encountered a problem with gold bars! After collecting 25, the drop rate seemed to have reset :( now I have 26 gold bars but my green drop rate seems very low. Please fix this!
  • Invictus Games Ltd.
  • Thanks for letting me now, will look into this.
Right so this is a bit of a weird one. The play store says that this app is not designed for children and I have a couple of reasons of why this may be. Sometimes if you hurt the frog enough, I can’t tell whether he says “ow my bones” or “ow my balls”. And also if you let him fall, when he hits the ground and lifts his hand up it looks like he’s giving the 2 fingers which is a swearing gesture. The overall game is fun to play though.
  • Invictus Games Ltd.
  • Fun fact: the artist who originally created Froggy (back in like 2010) did not know that the gesture for “Victory” has a very negative meaning when showed with palms facing the signer. Hungarians rarely know this.

Is there a way to enter cheat code’s? And btw it’s a good time killer so I recommend if you are bored BUT I bought gold bars and they aren’t working you need to fix that so that’s why I rate 4 stars.

It’s a really nice game , while my frog is jumping I feel really nervous. Afraid of heights haha but I really loved this game

Excellent game, played 6-7 years ago first time and still fun

This is a really fun game and over all I have a blast playing it

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