Full Contact Teams Racing – Wrecking your way to victory

[Game] Full Contact Teams Racing

Full Contact Teams Racing   Taking dirt oval racing to the next level!

Does wrecking your way to victory in high powered dirt track racing cars in a team racing situation sound like fun to you? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Using Demolition Derby Cars & purpose built Superstocks, race in teams of 4 and beat the opposition team to the finish line. The object of the game is get your team across the line first, taking out your opponents team in the process.

Take part in the most ruthless motorsport in the world and help your team to victory!

Unique gameplay unlike anything else on the Play Store.

16 Demolition Derby Teams
16 Superstock Teams
14 Demolition Derby Championships
14 Superstock Championships
7 Tracks
Custom Car Setups
Adjustable Damage Levels

In Championship Mode all teams are split into four groups on Day 1 where you will take on every other team in your group. The top 2 teams on points in each group then go onto Day 2 where you will compete in a knockout competition to determine the winner!

What are you waiting for? Let’s go!


Full Contact Teams Racing user reviews :

Game is extremely good but dissapointed when you play championship I got a 2nd 1st and 3rd spot and my team finished bottom of the table still because all they want to do is sit on corners stopping racers instead of actually trying to win the race at the same time so the rest of my team finish in last places and get no points  but other then that good game

It is a good game that is extremely well made but you need to pay money to get the full game (more cars, more tracks etc.) But a really good game

Love the game I think it would be great if the Christchurch and Stratford tracks were added to play championships on as well other than that the game is alot of fun and if i Think adding in a ramp for the Derby teams champs would make the game the best dirt track game ever

So, 1st, i dont even know what to say. This game is just… you cant even describe it. The only word i have for it is AMAZING. It’s the 1st true NZ Superstock Teams game, and even if there were other ones, this is still the better one. It’s so fun. Just 2 things. Could you maybe be able to choose what cars from what team go to the infield? And maybe night mode like in the other game? That would be sick.

Handling is not as good as dirt track gladiators. There seems to be a weird traction control which means you can’t ‘throw the car into corners nd powerslide like you could on the previous game. Also can’t spin the car from stationary. Ai could do with improvement but otherwise the game is fun, good value and most importantly time consuming. Would be nicer if it was easier to roll opposition cars.

I see a few ways to make this game more enjoyable 1. When u hit the other team hard enough it does damage just the same as it does to your car 2. Make is so your team doesn’t think it’s fun to take you out and avoid the opposing team 3. Add the option to do 30 lap races 4. Be able to change the difficulty to harder or easier depending on your skill level

This game is awesome however there are a few issues with AI being quite dumb (getting stuck AGAINST walls in reverse, the second runner will stop and block giving up their placing/points on the first night of championships) and rollover physics, lets say, not very fun. Reds need to be called sooner for cars stuck ON walls allowing for AI to work out if they need to run because their runner is out of the race ect. And need I point out that Palmy is NOT that banked? Apart from these issues, EPIC!

So good Pretty realistic physics once you get used to it and play around with some setups. Multiplayer would make this game even better!

This IS a serious racing game, NOT an “ad generator faking as a game like so many others. It\the developers have a lot of potential. With some tweaking & a few minor improvements this could really be a MAJOR hit! I completed 6 races, “quick race” and career mode and never saw a single ad! You CAN buy (not must) things, but the prices are very reasonable. Like .99 cents to $4.00. So it’s clear these devs are serious about GAMING not just duping players with ad generators. Great job devs!
  • Peylah Games
  • Thanks so much your great review!

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