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Gacha Memories  Welcome to Gacha Memories, the Visual Novel!

The Gacha World is safe. You, the heroic summoner, saved everyone from the evils of corruption. Now, three months after your big adventure, you are living peacefully as a normal student on Earth. Everything seems perfect, as you spend each day with your beloved friends from the Luniverse.

Yet… this happiness does not last for long. Mysterious disappearances have been occurring across the globe. Strange anomalies are appearing in your city. This time, the real world is the one in danger. Can you protect the memories of the ones you love? Find out now in Gacha Memories!

Game Features

Lunime’s first anime Visual Novel! Continue the story of the Summoner from Gacha World!
Experience friendship, drama, and romance in this engaging first person novel!
Hours of gameplay with background music, sound effects, and voice acting!
Choose Your Own Adventure! Your choices influence the direction the story will take!
Multiple endings to discover! Can you reach the true ending of your favorite character?
Art Gallery with unlockable anime artwork from the story!
Chat and Roleplay with players across the globe using your custom avatar!
Play offline! No wi-fi is needed to play!

Six Different Character Routes
Ellie: Your loyal and cheerful friend who helped you through your journey in Gacha Word, always keeping you company. But why does she look so sad?
Luni: The Creator of the Luniverse, once your enemy, but now is one of your closest friends. She is willing to do anything to protect those she cares about.
Mitsuko: The Goddess of Light who once opposed you because of her anger at being abandoned, she is now your furry companion. She is happy to not be lonely anymore.
Naomi: The President of the Student Council of your school, hardworking and disciplined, she prefers to do all the work by herself.
Kuku: The yandere girl you saved from corruption, her attitude in real life still reflects a girl obsessed with her senpai. However, is that what she truly is?
Kugari: The star basketball player of the school and the most normal of the bunch, his dream is to be a professional player.

Thank you for playing Gacha Memories!!!!! ガチャの記憶

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Gacha Memories user reviews :

The app is great! Its a nice visual novel, although there are glitches, not sure if its my device. It usually happens every time I get an ad, like the words would be glitched like the letters would turn into. Or some of the letters would disappear, sometimes you can’t see anything , just a black background. Either one, I cant read what they say. If it’s just my device, its 5 stars, I dont know if people have this problem too, but it’s pretty great!

i normally don’t rate the apps or games but this VN is too good! i have only finished 1 route (fairy) right now and it definitely satisfied me. The artstyle is great and beautiful. Though i would definitely prefer more poses! The characters are only fixed image with a few expressions. I thought it is going to be boring but whoa, i m so glad i continue playing to reach the ending. The boss fight is a bit hard at the beginning but is manageable. Imma gonna play other routes. recommended

This game has good art and an intriguing story line. I don’t recommend to children because this game has a good amount of sexual humor and has disturbing parts of it. The voice acting is kinda poor, and at some point a game where you tap around for an ending becomes an actual game. Overall, an okay little time waster on a bus ride or somewhere without Internet.

Meh game. The grammar could be better but ehh, the art and face expressions could also be better. The romance choices are mostly girls even if you’re a straight female which I don’t have a problem with. The boss fight is kind of annoying. It gets easier each time you do it but I’m pretty sure you have to do the boss fight like 35 times to win. But one of the ways to win is to makes sure you focus and keep on playing and playing. Take a break if it’s too hard and try again.

Great story, great characters, great plot. Love the game all the support to the creator, as my first Visual Novel, this holds a special place in my heart.

For people saying the boss is impossible, its not follow his attacks and learn them so when you think your ready you can defeat him, there is your tip. Also at the last part you need to have a lot of health to survive and live through the damage. Dont rate the game if something is to hard give a honest opinion on how good the game is all these 1 star reviews are cringe i advise looking at them for a good laugh,people stop complaining its pixels on a screen my goodness.

The first time I played, i finished a story in a day, it was a bad ending. I died, and broke my fiancee’s heart. I nearly cried. Just let’s you know how good it really is! I’d love more frequent choices, and more options. Thank you, Lunime!

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