Galaxy Reavers – Victory depends on your split-second decision

[Game] Galaxy Reavers – Space RTS

Galaxy ReaversGalaxy Reavers GAMEPLAY :

Combat Tasks
Missions like survival,rescue,and escort will definitely freshen up your experience!
Victory depends on your split-second decision-making!

Hand-operated system
Sliding on the screen with your fingers to aim enemies and fire is all you need to do during intense gameplay.

Customized Equipments
Collecting 25+ equipments and customizing warships with infinite possibility,make up your unique and mighty fleets.

Mighty Warships
There are 8 types of AAA+ formidable warships to collect and construct your fleets. Tactical combinations spark more excitement in galaxy.

Immersive Experience
With advanced 3D graphics design for warships and battlefields, Galaxy Reavers will give you a gorgeous visual impact!

Create the ultimate fleets by choosing from legendary warships
Featured RTS gameplay with hand-operated systems and fast-paced space battles
Unlimited perspective to view gorgeous 3D space field
Stunning 3D graphics and animations bring the warships and galaxy to life in game

The flames of war rage across the galaxy.
All delays in war will be dangerous.
Only to be a raider or a prey in Galaxy Reavers!
Command your fleets and conquer galaxy with your real-time strategy!

Download Galaxy Reavers and join this 3D RTS game!
Need more updates or supports for this galaxy war and RTS game?
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Customer Service:galaxyreavers[at]

Galaxy Reavers user reiews :

I enjoy the game play and ship interior equipment/weapon placement. Gets the 5th star because it’s also playable offline which I appreciate. Missions are repeatable for rewards. One thing I would like to see if the option for engagement range, so I can put close range and long range weapons but still get close without manual maneuvering the ship myself. Otherwise it’s a great game.

Galaxy reaver is a fairly well designed real time space strategy game. Reminds me of a stripped down version of Warhammer 40k Gothic Armada. Only issue is as with all games is that advancement begans to slow and it becomes obvious to mobe foward you will have to spend money on in game purchases, but you can get a decent amount of game play in before that becomes nessasary

Fun and unique gameplay system. It would be better if we could spin the view around in the 6 degrees of freedom to get a better view and if the ships flew in an x, y, z spatial coordinate system. But all in all good. If there’s one major complaint I have, it’s that I’d rather have it be untimed to set up the pre-battle strategy and lineup because that can determine the outcome of the battle. Currently the timing thingy is kind of too fast, and even if you did limit it, it’s way too short.

I’ll start with the positives, the game not bad to play. There are times when you need to think about what ships to hit first and how to manoeuvre. The graphics are pretty good. The negatives are pretty big and this is why I gave it one start, there is no support from the Devs, they will take your money but will never reply to any messages via email or messenger. They use supersonic for side income and when you have an issue, neither will respond to you.

This game is awesome! It’s very user friendly and I love the strategic challenge it gives me. I highly recommend this sci-fi game to anyone whose a fan of futuristic space! Only issue I have with this game is the weapon description. It only allows you to read only so much and the rest is cut off with no way to read-on to finish reading the weapon information. Please fix this with the next update along with some new ships and equipment to would be nice. Keep up the good work on such a good game!

I really like this game and keep playing it, but i would not put money into the game until you can back up your data. If you reinstall get a new phone or even click past allowing it access to your phone all progress will be lost even the money spent. Also the ads to get items stopped working for me like the crystals and the items by watching videos

Really Cool Simply, a really cool game and seems to have been made for the enjoyment of the player instead of money. You can play as much as you wish, there is no energy limitation. Damaged ships repair quickly. New ships can be bought relatively easy. New tech/weapons are easily acquired. It has good graphics. It’s not too easy or too difficult. The story is thin, but I don’t think the game suffers much for it. The game is nearly perfect. You can sit and actually play the game rather than sit watching timers.

First Space RTS I’ve enjoyed in a long time.. free movement in the arena area, completely adjustable equipment.. just gives an overall feel of freedom and control over your own game.. minor bugs including the unity ads timer for free stuff locking out so you are unable to get rewards.. same for the free currency timer.. overall easily 4 1/2 stars

Last Update :

Fixed some bugs

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